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All About Microsoft SharePoint Software:

All About Microsoft SharePoint Software

What is SharePoint?:

What is SharePoint? Microsoft SharePoint is a web application platform that was first released in 2001, and has primarily been linked with intranet platforms ever since. The 2010 and 2013 versions of SharePoint have ventured far beyond just intranet applications, and now comprise a variety of other tools and capabilities.

What You Can Do with SharePoint :

What You Can Do with SharePoint Microsoft SharePoint offers a lot of possibilities for many members of an organization. Some of the main things you can do with SharePoint include:

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Share – this one only makes sense, given the name of the software. You can share ideas, documents, files, concepts and everyday messages. Social features allow co-workers to keep track of one another and you can publish content to SharePoint from inside or outside the organization.

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Learn & Discover – with SharePoint you can find experts within your organization and learn new information based on projects they have worked on in the past.

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Organize – everyone knows that organization is a key factor in the success of any project, and SharePoint helps to keep important projects organized and on track. This is accomplished by keeping the whole team connected and synching content so it is always accessible. Effective organization means that projects can remain on schedule, which is always a good thing.

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Build – web designers and builders love SharePoint and its ability to build attractive sites and apps. It’s also possible to make the apps and sites available to everyone in the organization only, or to everyone in the public.

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Manage – different elements of SharePoint enable you to manage the time spent on various projects, the associated risk involved and the various costs.

What Is SharePoint Online?:

What Is SharePoint Online? SharePoint online is a system that gives you all of the same SharePoint features, but without the same overhead that’s required to manage the infrastructure by yourself. SharePoint online offers management options that enable users to maintain control of all the important elements that drew them to SharePoint in the first place. SharePoint mobile apps allow for easy access no matter where you happen to be.

Common SharePoint Benefits:

Common SharePoint Benefits SharePoint means different things to different people, but some of the common benefits that most users recognize, include: A powerful administration console Automated server maintenance Minimal downtime Disaster recovery capabilities Ease of use for all members

2013 Upgrades:

2013 Upgrades As with most new software versions, the 2013 version of SharePoint has several upgrades over the 2010 version. Some of the features you can expect, include:

2013 Upgrades:

2013 Upgrades Multiple Mobile Browsing Options – users can choose from three different options, including an HTML 5 - based view. Device-specific designs are also an option on SharePoint 2013. More Apps – since so many people seem obsessed with apps, SharePoint 2013 allowed for that. Web developers can write new apps and publish them to the SharePoint public app store r to an internal store within the organization .

2013 Upgrades:

2013 Upgrades More Social – the Microsoft acquisition of Yammer enabled a much more detailed social capability with the 2013 version. Everything is social in today’s computing world, and now SharePoint is able to keep pace with the rest of the field. Better Search Function – Both IT and end users need to be able to find what they need when they need it if the whole program is going to be effective. Displaying search results based on content type is one way Microsoft has made this a reality.

2013 Upgrades:

2013 Upgrades Legal Discovery – SharePoint 2013 enables the legal department to manage all the elements of e-discovery with greater ease and efficiency. Publishing – new publishing capabilities in the 2013 version include new design and branding features as well as cross site publishing in order to manage multiple sites.

Further Reading…:

Further Reading… For more information, or to purchase Microsoft SharePoint search Software or add-ons visit KwizCom Corporation today at

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