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At Law Office of Karen Winston Asylum immigration court, located in Florida is a component of Executive office of Immigration Review. They provide the immigrants a user-friendly information booklet with current and accurate information about immigration law and national policies.


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Asylum and Detention Centre are the Two Ways by Which One Can Return to the Main Stream Asylum in U.S.A. is a protection given to the people who are immigrants and left their home behind as political refugees. There are thousands of people moving from one place to another in search of better facilities. All do not find a solution immediately. There are some who stay in the asylum and try to make a place in the society. Detention Centre has many divisions.  It may be a jail or a prison  It may be for immigrates  It can be a youth detention center. Baker county detention center is a place where many are kept together. They are taken care of but there are certain disadvantages. Men and women are kept separately. But the problem is that in a detention Centre people those who have committed crimes and those who haven’t are kept together. In this process some bad become good and some good become bad. Men and women are kept separately. In some places there are also facilities for families to stay together. Detentions can at times become stressful and frustrating. Unless the court gives them permission to stay as legal residents they have to stay in that same place for years. For moral support one. They should take moral support from each other in the detention Centre. Sometimes detentions and asylums are unfit to stay. The living conditions are bad. When in a detention Centre every belonging will be taken away and will be given a number and a bed which will be the only identity of the person. Certain dress will be given to the people residing. Moving around freely is restricted. One has to sleep in large rooms with others. If the detainers meet with someone during the lunch time then they will not be given extra time to eat. Sometimes they are not given food. At times the staffs of the asylum and the detention Centre’s are uncreative and rude. The detainers are at times treated badly even beaten mercilessly. Thus the condition of the asylums and the detainment cells should be improved.

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