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AMBULET SmartWiSeN A Comprehensive System for Design and Monitoring of IPv6 Wireless Sensor Networks Patient Telemetry System Cy Phy S + Cy ber Phy sical S ystem for old age homes SmartCampus Smart Water Management: Closing the IoT Loop from Network to Knowledge WiPSeN Wireless Internet Protocol enabled time slotted and channel hopping Sensor Network


AMBULET A Patient Telemetry System (Care Beyond ICU. Enabling Care Everywhere) INTRODUCTION BIG PICTURE SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE RADIO COVERAGE EVALUATION FRONT END FRONT END FIELD RESULT AMBULET FEATURES D uring emergency (Cardiac-Myocardial Infarction, Neural-stroke and Trauma) the first one and the half hours from the incidence of the event is crucial for the benefit of the patient. This golden hour is usually lost in transport which would make for the early recovery, lessen the morbidity and mortality. The goal of this project is to develop a system that will enable continuous monitoring and interaction for critical care delivery. In this project, we intend to design , develop and deploy a device, namely Ambulet Hub to ensure reliable and real-time transmission of vital parameters of a patient in an ambulance to a remote hospital. This multi 3G/4G/WiFi network access device employs an indigenously developed IP mobility management architecture SeaMo+ for supporting various real-time applications seamlessly. We considered two areas around IISc campus for evaluating various local 3G network providers. We considered two areas for this purpose: Inside IISc campus and major roads leading to MS Ramaiah Hospital within 2km radius. The colored place markers indicate the strength of the network. Green, yellow and red indicate good , medium and bad network coverage respectively. Uses a fuzzy logic algorithm for selecting the best network among the available networks Provides seamless application session continuity across multiple mobile access networks using Virtual Real-time Multimedia Service framework (VRMS) Ensures reliable delivery of the patient vital medical information in real-time Supports various real-time multimedia applications including MJPEG, MPEG4 based video streaming, SIP VoIP calls, remote desktop sharing, and so on. Built in GPS feature which will enable the doctors to track the ambulance in real-time.   Extensive experimentation was done to evaluate Ambulet. The above figure shows outcome of one such experiment conducted in and around IISc campus within 2km radius. The locations where Ambulet switches from one provider to another were marked on a map. In the above diagram illustrates the network handovers that have taken place between WiFi (yellow), Airtel (red), BSNL (green) and Tata Docomo (blue).


Cy Phy S + A Cyber Physical System for Healthcare Applications over a Managed 6LoWPAN network using Wearable devices Introduction In India, old age homes are deprived of timely attention to healthcare needs CyPhyS+ is a Cyber Physical System for healthcare for the elderly . It provides remote access to the wearable device over the Internet and helps in early detection of pathologies Provides continuous medical monitoring of the elderly and analysis of medical data at a remote server over the Internet Doctors will be able to monitor patient illness without hospitalizing the patient. Adopted technologies


SmartCampus Smart Water Management: Closing the IoT Loop from Network to Knowledge INTRODUCTION Internet of Things (IoT) attempts to seamlessly integrate diverse devices – ranging from sensor motes to smart phones – into the Inter-network infrastructure, and consequently collect pervasive ground truth information. At the same time, there is a growing recognition on the engagement of humans within the IoT fabric, referred to as the Internet of Things and Humans (IoTH) . Channelizing the potential of interlinked sensing and social connectivity into a vehicle of societal value requires an integrated view of the IoT technology stack, from sensing to analytics, and from physical infrastructure to cyber infrastructure. IoT in smart water resource management within a technology park, residential complex, or a university campus like the Indian Institute of Science (IISc). Such campuses are large water consumers from the city water board, and campus managers control the local distribution infrastructure Hence, the potential for technology intervention and the consequent sustainability impact is high.

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