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Get Design Ideas for Villa Bedrooms. Villa interior design is one of the key things that will make your home truly like the one you dreamt of. Kuviostudio Best Home Interior Designer Company in Bangalore where you can hire Top 10 Interior Designer. More Information


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Website : Title: Design Ideas for Villa Bedrooms There is an increase in the trend of buying villas in Bangalore. Villa interior design is one of the key things that will make your home truly like the one you dreamt of. There are many Interior Design Company in Bangalore but the one you pick has to understand your need and match your style with their work. Bedrooms in the villa should talk about you and your partner. Here are some of the tips that are given by one of the Best Home Interior Designer Company Bangalore.  Inspiration: There has to be some idea in your mind what you want the bedroom to look like. It is a wise idea that you subscribe to some magazines. This will help you know what you want the lamps the rugs the way family or your pictures will be displayed.

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 The bed: The larger the better. Most of us think this about the bed size. But it is not always so. A queen sized bed is also comfortable. If you have opted for a larger bed in a smaller room. Make sure you visualize it and think about the space well so that the room does not look cluttered.

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 The color scheme: Pick the fabrics first and then decide on the color of your room. Also you need to pay attention to natural lighting available in the room. Warm colors are always best suited for bedrooms. They add an edge to relaxation.

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 Lighting: Some of the best looking rooms are not highlighted if the lighting in the room is dull and not well thought of. The key to lighting are the windows in the room. Hence be very careful about where you want to put blinds to filter the natural light.

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 Using old possession: Do not throw away everything that you already have. See if you can mix and match the existing item to fit in the new villa bedroom.  De-clutter Because you relax in your bedroom try to keep as less furniture as possible. The room should be airy and inviting. So plan the basics in the trendiest looking way. All you need is a bed a mirror a dressing and a night lamp. You can always add paintings and personalized photographs in your room.

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 No TV: The bedroom is a space where you spend time with your partner. Having a TV in your bedroom is not healthy. It disturbs your sleep and peace of mind. So the next time you hire an Interior designer. Make sure they follow these rules as well

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