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Sahid Institute of Tourism Jakarta - Indonesia Sahid Profile Vision Mission Goal Edu System Programs Prospect facilities


Profile Sahid Institute of Tourism ,an affiliation with Sahid Jaya Foundation, was established on March 23, 1983 by Prof. Dr. H. Sukamdani S. Gitosardjono. Since then, it has been of the pioneers of educational institution marked by its rapid growth of a number of school with different levels, starting from primary to tertiary. One of its precious units is Sahid Institute of Tourism with its 25 year old of dedication in Indonesia higher level education. Supported by Hotel Sahid Group all over Indonesia and worldwide, Sahid School of Tourism keeps on developing the quality to be the center of excellence producing international-minded professionals. Based on SK Ministry of Education No. 166/D/O/2000 on 23 August 2000, Sahid Institute of Tourism was authorized to hold Program Sarjana Sains Terapan ( Bachelor of Applied Science )


Vision Sahid Institute of Tourism is a leading tourism higher education institution producing high quality human resources in Hotel and Travel industry.


Mission Consistently conducing qualified teaching and learning activities Utilizing all components within Sahid Institute of Tourism to achieve 80% are entrepreneurs in related fields Utilizing the students of Sahid Institute of Tourism through “Competency Society “ and talent development program.

Our main Goal:

Our main Goal Along with fast development local a well as international hotel and tourism industry, professional with optimal competency in the related fields are required. The awareness of product quality and service quality leads Sahid Institute of Tourism to keep on improving, producing well prepared graduates ready to serve in Tourism industry both in the private and Government sectors.

Educational System:

Educational System Sahid Institute of Tourism Educational System is based on tourism industry need with 40:60 theory and practical competency both for Hotel and Tour and Travel students. To enhance the quality of teaching and learning activities, students are taught by professionals and scholars from local and abroad prominent universities. Factual and challenging case studies are the focus of the activity to sharpen their knowledge and skill. Finally, the student are required to conduct on the job training in their last semester to ensure they are ready to compete in the field.

Study Programs:

Study Programs Diploma 1 Diploma 3 Bachelor Diploma 4


The program is exclusively to prepare professionals in tourism capable of combining skills and management competence based on national competency standard for hotel operational and tours & travel. The graduates will be entitle Sarjana Sains Terapan (Bachelor of Applied Science ) with fulfillment 140-150 SKS The program greatly combines conceptual skills and tourism competence based on national competency standard. REGULER CLASS Hotel Management Department Tours and Travel Management Department EXECUTIVE CLASS Hotel Department Tours and Travel Department Bachelor

Diploma III:

Diploma III The program is specially designed to meet the industry’s need of related competence-based raduates in hotel operational and tours and travel. The graduates will be entitle Ahli Madya Pariwisata ‘ ( A.Md.Par ) Hotel Department Tours and Travel Department All program require the student to pass 110-120 SKS ( Semester Credit Unit ) to graduate within 3 years.

Diploma I:

Diploma I The program is designed to be ‘ Fast Track ‘ to get a job. The graduates will be entitle ‘ Ahli Pratama Pariwisata ‘ (AP. Par ) Hotel Department Specialization in : Food Production ( Cook ) Food and Beverage Service ( Waiter, Waitress, Bartender / ss ) Room Division ( Front Office, Housekeeping, Laundry ) Hotel Public Relations Cruise Line ( Floating Hotel ) Tour and Travel Department Specialization in : Air Tariff Ticketing ( Official Travel Agency ) Tour Operator ( Guide ) Cargo Handling ( Ground Handling, Passenger Handling )

The Prospects:

The Prospects The graduates are graduated to posses managerial skills supported by mastery of all specialization accompanied with excellent understanding of hotel as well as tours & travel management 6-months on the job training will ensured them to develop themselves to reach work achievement within top level management. They have the chance to work as professional in: or settle up their own hospitality business. Tourism Hotel

Tourism Diploma’s have the chance to work as professional in:

Tourism Diploma’s have the chance to work as professional in Travel Agent Hotel Cruise Ship Tourism Object Tourist Information Center Cargo Company Seaport, land port, & Airport Expedition Company Export Import Company Tourism Board Tourism Consultant Freelance Guide Event Organizer

Hotel Diploma’s Prospects :

Hotel Diploma’s Prospects Hotel Restaurant Bar Catering Service Apartment Cruise Ship Bank Hospitals Food Court Airline Embassy

Our Facilities:

Our Facilities Front Office Library Languages Laboratory Model Rooms Bar & Restaurant Kitchen Laundry & Dry Cleaning Housekeeping Tour & Travel Bus Tour & Travel Hall Class

Front Office:

Front Office

Library :


Languages Laboratory:

Languages Laboratory

Model Rooms:

Model Rooms

Bar & Restaurant :

Bar & Restaurant



Laundry & Dry Cleaning:

Laundry & Dry Cleaning



Tour & Travel Bus:

Tour & Travel Bus

Tour & Travel:

Tour & Travel



Full Air Conditioner Class:

Full Air Conditioner Class

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Double Degree Programe between SAHID INSTITUTE OF TOURISM & Universite D’ANGER

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Double Degree Programe between SAHID INSTITUTE OF TOURISM & C apital university of economics and business

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Darmasiswa Programe

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