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Play Special Features Rise of the Planet of the Snails By Devin Gendron , Christian Lim, and Kirit Khanna “Success begins with an idea (so does failure)”

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The following presentation has been created by Khendrim Corporations. Any distribution of this presentation to the outside world, will result in punishment that you will not be able to bare. Thank you, and enjoy the show. :

The following presentation has been created by Khendrim Corporations. Any distribution of this presentation to the outside world, will result in punishment that you will not be able to bare. Thank you, and enjoy the show.

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It all started with a crazy idea. One dark, and spooky night, Professor Clavering began to do research on an isolated island, somewhere in the Bahamas. His research dealt with the species of the giant snails. He set out on his miraculous journey on December 5, and hasn’t yet returned. After a day or two, his trusted colleague, William J. Stead, went out to find Clavering and bring him home. Now, they are both stuck on the island, and are running for there lives.

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Along the way, Stead and Clavering encountered some of the natives that were left behind. They decided that they were going to stay together, and not split up.

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The running men and natives were much too tired to continue running. They found a hill, where they thought they would be safe.

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There actually was never a hill there, it was just the King Snail. The group was so surprised, and had no idea how to get off of the beast (without breaking a leg).

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The wild goose chase continued for days and days, and no reinforcements came. It was as if all hope was lost for the stranded.

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As if a miracle had struck the Earth, the rescue boats had arrived. In them, were soldiers ranging from Argentina to Zimbabwe. Everyone came to help.

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Sadly, in the water were also deadly snails. Clavering realized it, when he recalled that his anchor has been bitten off by something. Obviously, it was the snails. The natives and Clavering yelled to the boats, but nothing could be heard over the crashing of the waves. Finally, they decided to attract the snails to them, by swimming out into the water. Sadly (again), the snails didn’t come to them. Instead, another creature came to them. Sharks.


Offerings When all of the marine boats were destroyed, the snails came out from their hiding spots and attacked the stranded. They fought and fought for 1 hour, but they could not make it. When all of the men were trapped in a corner, a native came up with the idea, that they should feed off the slowest, and biggest people to the snails, so that the natives can survive. The first person to be offered, was Clavering. Immediately after Clavering was released, the rest of the group ran away.

Clavering is Safe:

Clavering is Safe Both the natives and Stead felt sorry for leaving Clavering behind, so they returned to the offering site. Surprisingly, Clavering was running toward them! As the rest of the group greeted and apologized to Clavering, a loud crack ruptured through the air. It was a gunshot. The reinforcements had arrived!

Doubt spreads:

Doubt spreads Even though every one in the group trusted each other, Stead kept thinking of the possible ways in which Clavering could have escaped. IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE!! Yes, it might have been possible if Clavering was skinnier and more agile. But, he wasn’t. Also, Stead doubted that the soldiers could have come safely to the island, without some help. Did the snails possess their minds? Stead shooed the thought away and focused on the real problem at hand.

The War Begins:

The War Begins The soldiers happily greeted the group with hugs, handshakes, and weapons. To some, the war had just begun. To others, the war had just finished. The snails would only come out in the night, knowing that that is when the humans slept. It was a tough time for both sides. The snails kept up a good fight, but could never get a lead. Pride spread throughout the group boosting everyone's self esteem.

Victory (or is it?):

Victory (or is it?) The war has been won. The snails are forever extinguished (or are they?). The soldiers assisted the men into their ships, not knowing where they are going. All of the boats are filled with people, and everyone is eager to return to their homes, except for one person. Stead miserably climbs into the ship. All of a sudden, the boats are pushed into the open water, by the soldiers. All the soldiers climbed into the boats, as a humongous creature erupted from the water. Obviously, the snails weren’t killed underwater. Stead cursed at himself for not being attentive. But, he couldn’t have seen it coming. The soldiers had been controlled by the snails, that is why they were let free. That means, so was Clavering.

Underwater Animals:

Underwater Animals The snails kept popping out from the depths of the ocean, but Stead could not understand how they could influence the minds of humans. Now it struck him. The snails had mixed their genes with the genes of the human, which gave snails, human attributes. But with this knowledge, their must have been more animals eager to mutate themselves. Sure enough, there was. Tigers jumped out of the water, elephants (the size of a 12 story building) sprouted out of the water. The war was over now. The soldiers had taken the weapons and had joined the snail side, while everyone else was stuck on canoes, praying that they would not be an appetizer.

The Mutation:

The Mutation Soon enough, the soldiers began to shift their bodies, into the most hideous creatures ever created. This is it. The snails began to reproduce normally, creating more and more animals to experiment on. All of the remaining survivors were killed, in a quick slaughter. Leaving no trace of the humans, the snails slowly crept back into the water and the forest, waiting for their next victim.

Special Features:

Special Features Random Explosion Credits Special Thanks James Franco King Snail

Snail vs. Man:

Snail vs. Man Snail vs. Land Mine Man vs. Mini Snail

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Land Mine Wins!

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Mini Snail Wins!


Credits Cast Avery Clavering Devin Gendron William J. Stead Christian Lim Boat Driver Kirit Khanna

Special Thanks:

Special Thanks Sponsors Apple Inc. Monsters, Inc. Sony Ericsson Google Donators Steve Jobs James Franco Phineas & Ferb Buzz Lightyear

The King Snail:

The King Snail The King Snail was much much much bigger than the giant snails. Not only, was the King Snail humongous, but he also had poison on his shell. Anything that touched it would die in the next 24 hours.

James Franco:

James Franco James Fanco , a very kind and honest actor donated over $50,000 to our movie. The cast and crew of the movie thank him from the bottom of their hearts. THANKS JAMES!!!!

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