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Kush Diamonds are as unique as the jewels they create. Its revolutionary inception is set to become the ultimate diamond destination. Eliarne Iezzi meets the lady who knows which diamonds are forever.


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Kush Diamonds are as unique as the jewels they create. Its revolutionary inception is set to become the ultimate diamond destination. Eliarne Iezzi meets the lady who knows which diamonds are forever. “Every girl loves her diamonds how can you not” smiles Sabrina Kushnir founder of Kush Diamonds. As I try picking my jaw up off the floor and distracting my attention from the dazzling jewels that lay in front of me it’s obvious she won’t get any argument from me. Still in its infancy Kush Diamonds has already defined itself as a destination for those seeking the best. The perfect balance of wholesale and retail Kush Diamonds has revolutionised the diamond and jewellery market. “It is a hybrid. We don’t have a shop front but consumers are able to find out all the information about us and our products online choose a particular diamond they are interested in on our website and then we continue the process in person at our private showroom. We then work in choosing their ideal diamond and designing the ring around the stone of their choice it is a very personal tailored experience” says Sabrina. Sabrina has a profound belief in the intimacy of the experience and fervently steers away from the world of mass production wanting to keep Kush a boutique business. Kush Diamonds is committed to the deeply personal experience a piece of jewellery can give and refuses to adhere to fluctuating trends focusing on personalised designs. Kush Diamonds has firmly established its reputation however with the unwavering quality and integrity of their product. “We’re all about quality and authenticity. We’re not just here to make it seem beautiful… GIA diamond certification offers complete piece of mind” Sabrina says. It is this dedication coupled with Sabrina’s innate sensibility that saw the birth of Kush Diamonds. “With a career that initially began in the media buying and planning arena coming into the Australian jewellery market was like taking a step back in time. As we know consumers are getting smarter and our industry must move ahead of the times and offer people what they want and need…If this means changing the way business is done then this is what we must do. At the end of the day the customer is our number one priority. Connecting with consumers is critical and we must learn to move ahead in this

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industry which struggles with adapting to new technology more than any other. ” Sabrina has challenged the way people shop for diamonds by taking a major part of the business online. On the Kush Diamonds website users are able to view diamonds in stock along with prices and the Gemmological Institute of America GIA certificates whilst also providing online videos and articles to extensively educate customers on all aspects of diamond buying. “Everything is there. It’s someone who knows what they want has done their research and sees ours are quality but at the same time much more affordable. We know we’re offering a quality product for the best price the consumer is the clear winner- there is no grey area.” Sabrina says.

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Aside from Kush Diamonds’ mission to craft pieces of captivating beauty and rare brilliance they’re intensely dedicated to doing it in ways that maintain the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility. “We always make sure all our diamonds come from legitimate sources and are one hundred per cent conflict free” says Sabrina. Whether they’re cut in Moscow or Tel Aviv all Kush Diamond’s are GIA certified the number one respected and trusted diamond certification globally. “Quality for us is number one and knowing that we have the experience and knowledge so many years in the industry really you can’t go wrong. Staff with an education in diamonds and jewellery is critical it is more than just selling” Sabrina affirms. Sabrina’s family has been in the Australian diamond and jewellery industry for over 35 years. “I’ve been born into this it’s in my blood. It allows me to combine my passion in business with my love of art and jewellery” coos Sabrina. “My dad is a jeweller my mother is a gemmologist and my grandmother is a pearl threader.” Sabrina is unassuming describing her journey into the jewellery market as something that “has always been on route.” But behind her relaxed demeanour there is a prevalent determination and savvy - she has Marketing and Psychology Degree and a Diploma in Gemmology. “My in-depth knowledge of psychology combined with my experience working in the in the Australian diamond market gives me a unique skill set to really understand the needs and wants of today’s internet savvy diamond customer” she says. Kush Diamonds is a business committed to the highest standards of integrity and quality. With such attention-to-detail broad depth of knowledge and willingness to go above and beyond a rarity in such a fast-paced industry Kush Diamonds are one-of-a-kind. Kush Diamonds reveal rare and exquisite diamonds in their full splendour creating timeless designs to wear for a lifetime. To find the diamond that’s forever and forever yours email or visit

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