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To find perim eter or area of a pl ane is kno wn as MENSURATION MENSURATION 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 . + - * / = ) ( } { ] [ % ^


Square a plane rectan gle with four e qua l sides and f our right angl es

Perimeter of Square:

Perimeter of Square Perim et er of Sq uar e 4 x S id e

Area of Square:

Area of Square Area o f Squa re side ²


Rectangle rectang le normal ly r efers to a quadri later al with f our right angles

Perimeter of Rectangle:

Perimeter of Rectangle Perimeter of Recta ngle 2 (si de a + side b )

Area of rectangle:

Area of rectangle Area o f rectan gle Widt h x Lengt h


Triangle A trian gle is a a th ree -sided polyg on .

Perimeter of Triangle:

Perimeter of Triangle Perime ter of Triang le Side a +Side b +Si de c

Area of Triangle:

Area of Triangle Area o f Trian gle ½ x b ase x heig ht


Parallelogram a quadri lateral whose o ppos ite sides ar e both paralle l and equal in length is know n as parallel ogram .

Perimeter of Parallelogram:

Perimeter of Parallelogram Perime ter of Paralle logra m 2 (sid e a + si de b)

Area of Parallelogram:

Area of Parallelogram Area of Paralle logra m Base x Height


Circle A circle is a sim ple shape con sisting of those poin ts in a plane whi ch are equidis tant from a given po int c alled the center.

Perimeter of Circle:

Perimeter of Circle Perimeter of Circle R = Radius

Area of Circle:

Area of Circle Area of Circle

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