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Creativity and management ofInnovation : 

Creativity and management ofInnovation E.Guna seelan

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Creativity - Thinking up new things Innovation - Doing new things. CREATIVITY vs INNOVATION

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A "new" idea is a combination of old elements. It is your ability to combine ideas in a unique way. "There is virtually no problem you cannot solve, no goal you cannot achieve, if you know how to apply the creative powers of your mind, like a laser beam, to cut through every difficulty in your life and your work." Creativity and management

Individual Creativity : 

Individual Creativity Creative people can be said to have: A particular Style Originality Competence Experience Determination Flexibility Positive outlook

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Setting a Creative Environment in your company, your department, your work group… Listen to and laugh with individuals. Criticism is killing - use it carefully and in small doses. Respect an individual’s need to work alone Use mistakes as positives to help individuals realize errors. Allow time for individuals to think about and develop their creative ideas.

Organizational Creativity Vs Individual Creativity : 

Organizational Creativity Vs Individual Creativity Organizational Creativity High Low Individual Creativity High

Innovation : 

Innovation Innovation is a process of taking new ideas to satisfied customers. It is the conversion of new knowledge into new products and services.

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Innovation is about creating value and increasing efficiency, and therefore growing your business. "Without innovation, new products, new services, and new ways of doing business would never emerge, and most organizations would be forever stuck doing the same old things the same old way."

Innovation Strategies : 

Innovation Strategies Financial backing to innovation Give opportunities to employees Skillful recruitment policy Information from outside the organization Target being set for innovation Employees should be rewarded

Principals of Innovation : 

Principals of Innovation Ideas are fragile. Ideas are organic. All ideas have value and should be given a hearing. The originator of an idea needs assistance in idea enhancement and in promoting the idea internally. The originator is the initial advocate of an idea and should be actively involved in its development. Only ideas which have been enhanced to demonstrate potential value will be brought to management.

Principals Contd… : 

Principals Contd… Both marketing and technical issues need to be addressed in the development of an idea. Differences among people constitute a strength, not a weakness.

Process of Innovation : 

Process of Innovation The Innovation process can be depicted as a series of funnels each getting progressively smaller. Typically sixty ideas into the top funnel only produces just one innovation. The funnels are labeled as the four phases in the process - idea generation, idea screening, feasibility and implementation.

Effectiveness Criteria for an Innovation process : 

Effectiveness Criteria for an Innovation process Implement a few ideas at regular intervals Ensure feedback takes place - there must be communication channels to originators. Screening system should be simple, understood by everyone Ensure the system is promoted Transform ideas into reality at a reasonable speed - if the system is too slow we may be too slow to react to the market pace and turn off idea originators.

Creative Problem Solving Process : 

Creative Problem Solving Process

Clarify : 

Clarify What data do we need in order to fully understand our problem? Tool: 5W’s & an H Who What Where When Why How How might we reframe our original problem statement to make it more solvable, profitable, or innovative?

Ideate : 

Ideate Go for quantity & explore a wide range of ideas Tools: Brainwriting SALE Converge and chose the ideas that have the greatest potential

Develop : 

Develop Strengthen the ideas from multiple angles – customer experience, features, marketing, sales, etc. Tool: PPCO – Pluses Potentials Concerns Overcomes

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