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Summer Garden Plants That Complement Each Other Variety makes a summer garden more beautiful. But how do you determine which vegetables herbs or decorative plants go well together Creating the right combination of plants in your beds is called companion planting and it can help your soil stay balanced pest-free and nutrient-rich. Find out more about summer garden plants that complement each other. Spring Flowers with Summer Flowers If youre focusing on flowering plants try mixing some spring bloomers with some plants that bloom in the summertime. That way youll have some color in the beds throughout the warm months. Plus the fresh foliage of the late-blooming plants will distract from any fading leaves on the plants that bloomed earlier. Vegetable Pairs For vegetables the aesthetic factors take a back seat to practicality pest control and nutrition. Expert gardeners suggest planting tomatoes with companions like basil chives sage onions garlic borage peppers or carrots. Borage is especially helpful since it repels tomato worms. If youd like a touch of color try Calendula marigolds or nasturtiums. If youre planting beans skip the garlic and onions and do celery cucumbers radishes corn or strawberries nearby instead. Check out some guidelines from for more information on companion planting with vegetables. Of course the key to successful growth in your garden isnt just careful companion planting garden soil is a must-have to give your vegetable garden or flowerbeds the right start. On the Kurtz Bros. Inc. website check out our supply of soils including worm dirt topsoil bed mix and container mix. To enrich the soil even further explore our compost options. If you have any questions about spring or summer planting or if you need tools or decorative stone feel free to contact the Kurtz Bros. team anytime and well be happy to help.

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