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Journey of a non-iitian:

Journey of a non- iitian Especially for those with high iq


Generally,an engineer is a bright guy from his childhood who is motivated to do his best in studies.until class 10 everything looks fine but then comes the devastating two years. The general trend is one who does average in class completes iit and one who tops the class does not even complete it . Why is it so?


This shows iit is not all about my view its more about hardworking and strong mentality.the problem with the guys who is a topper of a particular school is that he has never experienced the failure whereas the guy with average performance in school has experienced it to a certain extent.but what is the problem with experience?


The problem is after class 12 most of the guys join coaching institutes where some students are there who is studying there for more than 3 the beginning everyone performs poor to what they assume they will and this is the time when the difference is made. how the difference is made?


The guy with average abilities has no problem in dealing with this situation as he has experienced but those who have never tasted the bitter side get derailed.and once you get derailed it is very difficult to catch up with the rest in this competition and those people started developing symptoms of anxiety,loneliness and in severe case depression which degrades their quality of study even more. What is the result?


The result is average student get selected due to his consistent effort and the clever guy gets rejected whose only fault is he has never experienced the failure. But is this the end?


The answer is a firm no.iit is only an exam which gives you access to best engineering colleges in india and it is nothing more than that. Two years of life cannot decide your whole carrier.the journey does not ends here. There are numerous examples of persons despite being non- iitian are more successful than iitian . The more successful a person is the more bitter experience he has in life. So what is the point?


The point is don”t get demotivated when someone says you are not an iitian and also don’t even counter them,.just be silent,accept it,take his words as challenge and show them in future that they are wrong. “jab jagoh tbhi sawera ” “its never late for a good work” its true its damn true

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