The American Dream

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The American Dream : 

The American Dream as Defined by our Forefathers

What is the American Dream? : 

What is the American Dream? The belief in America as the land of opportunity A feeling of optimism A confidence in triumph of the individual Click here to read the definition by the Library of Congress

Early Beginnings (to 1760) : 

Early Beginnings (to 1760) The Puritans viewed America as the land of opportunity, a place to escape religious persecution and start a new life. Click on the Mayflower to further explore the earliest definition of the American Dream.

The Revolutionary Period (1760-1800) : 

The Revolutionary Period (1760-1800) The Revolutionaries wished to establish a new government after overcoming British rule. Click on the Revolutionary flag to read The Declaration of Independence.

The Romantics (1800-1860) : 

The Romantics (1800-1860) The Romantics were tired of logic and rules. They valued individual wants and freedoms. Click on the nature photos to further examine the American Romantics and their purpose.

A House Divided (1860-1890) : 

A House Divided (1860-1890) The Civil War divided America and forever changed the definition of the American Dream. Click on Abraham Lincoln to watch a video clip about the Civil War.

The Realists (1890-1914) : 

The Realists (1890-1914) After the war, the Realists did not feel much hope for our country as they struggled through difficult times. Click here to learn of America’s struggles during this time.

The Moderns (1914-1939) : 

The Moderns (1914-1939) During the Roaring Twenties, America first experienced economic success and failure. Click on the photos to the left to further explore the Moderns.

The Contemporaries (1940-present) : 

The Contemporaries (1940-present) Since America has experienced so much change during the 20th and 21st Centuries, it is no surprise that the definition of the American Dream is interpreted so many different ways.

What is your definition of the American Dream? : 

What is your definition of the American Dream?

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