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Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science, AI aims at building machines that can think feel and take just like human do. As a very broad topic, AI also relates to physiology, philosophy, physics,  mathematics and other scientific areas. The term "Artificial Intelligence" itself was coined in 1956 by John McCarthy from MIT at the "Dartmouth summer research project on Artificial Intelligence." Weak AI simply states that some "thinking-like" features can be added to computers to make them more useful tools... and this has already started. AI Programming Languages AI programs have been written in just about every language ever created.  The most common seem to be Lisp, Prolog, C/C++, and recently Java, python. What is Artificial intelligence ?


. AI TECHNIQUES expert systems: computer application that makes decisions in real-life situations that would otherwise be performed by a human expert. Robotics: programming computers to see, hear and react to sensory stimuli. Probably the most attractive field of AI for newcomers. Includes several very different approaches: see BEAM robotics Web sites and MIT's Cog project for more info on this ..

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AI Technology can be applied to provide solutions for a wide range of commercial and scientific needs. These needs or applications can be categorized as follows: Simple Complex Very Complex AI APPLICATIONS

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A simple application is an integrated standard application. AI technology can also be used to provide solutions, applications and platforms for commercial needs such as :- E - and m-commerce, network integration are source management. Customer Relationship Management (CRM); E-commerce; Content Management Systems (CMS); Network and software security systems; Agent technology. SIMPLE


COMPLEX Applications involve taking over the management and analyzing functions based on current technology and usage of existing systems at the client. makes projections of future events based on historical data and includes future development of the system in its recommendations. Network Management, including vital functions, like storage management, security, clustering, etc.. Financial Services; Oil Field search and appraisal; Enterprise management; Risk management; Industrial automation of complex production processes (such as Steel, Chemicals, Refining);


VERY COMPLEX Applications require the collection of enormous amounts of complex data, which then need to be filed, analyzed and managed to assure a maximum of usability in the shortest amount of time possible. Global climate analysis; Distributed Knowledge Networks; Coordination and Control of Multi-Agent Systems. Military simulations.

The advantages of AI:

T he advantages of AI Jobs - depending on the level and type of intelligence these machines receive in. As the level of AI increases so will their competency to deal with difficult, complex even dangerous tasks that are currently done by humans They don't stop - as they are machines there is no need for sleep, they don't get ill , there is no need for breaks , they are able to go, go, go! There obviously may be the need for them to be charged or refueled, however the point is, they are definitely going to get a lot more work done than we can. No risk of harm - when we are exploring new undiscovered land or even planets, when a machine gets broken or dies, there is no harm done as they don't feel, they don't have emotions. Where as going on the same type of expeditions a machine does, may simply not be possible or they are exposing themselves to high risk situations.

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Over reliance on AI - as you may have seen in many films such as robot or even kids films such as WALL.E, if we rely on machines to do almost everything for us we become very dependent, so much so they have the potential to ruin our lives if something were to go wrong. Human Feel - as they are machines they obviously can't provide you with that 'human touch and quality', the feeling of a togetherness and emotional understanding, that machines will lack the ability to sympathies and empathies with your situations, and may act irrationally as a consequence. Misuse - there is no doubt that this level of technology in the wrong hands can cause mass destruction, where robot armies could be formed, or they could perhaps malfunction or be corrupted which then we could be facing a similar scene to that of terminator . DISADVANTAGES OF AI

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