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Importance of mathematics in our daily life:

Importance of mathematics in our daily life Made by: Kunal Aggarwal Class: IX B Roll No.: 16 Subject : Maths

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Maths is very important in present day life. In present , the whole world is a mixture of maths. The types of things produced in the environment are made up of different types of shapes.

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About the topic Mathematics has its own importance in the field of development and growth of human being and its surroundings. There are different parts of maths which have their own unavoidable importance. Such as, algebra, mensuration, Geometry, trigonometry. Algebra has its real life importance and applications from computer games design to engineering and from future forecasting in the financial market for designing circuit boards. Generally, mathematics is basic in everyday life, from calculating how much money you will get back after purchasing formal attire to working out over VAT on a TV.

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About the topic Continued.. Mathematics is highly useful for explaining fundamental building blocks of daily life, from the pattern of cloth purchasing to calculate the distances of orbits from their respective planet. Without knowing the basic of mathematics we are totally helpless. Many people found mathematics boring and very tough, but it is not true. People who design computer games don’t have the same thinking about it; even it can be both fun and lucrative. People are enjoying the manufacturing of electronic technology based modern appliances.

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About the topic Continued.. We all are making fun and enjoying the comfort providing by various gadgets, such as mobiles phones which are mandatory for the common person. Apart from mobile phones there are various other gadgets which provide us benefit in various task, all this is possible from the support of mathematical calculations. Mathematics has its dominance in every section of society along with its development aspect. Even we get all the information regarding our neighbour planets and their distance and sizes from the mathematical calculations.

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On a basic level you need to be able to count, multiply, subtract, add & divide. Mathematics is around us. It is present in different forms whenever we pick up the phone, manage the money, travel to any place, play soccer, meet new friends; unintentionally in all these things mathematics is involved. There are huge illustrations that testify the presence of mathematics in everything that we are doing. Maths in everyday life

What is the use of maths in everyday life?:

What is the use of maths in everyday life? "Maths is all around us, it's everywhere we go". It's a lyric that could so easily have been sung by Wet Wet Wet . It may not have made it onto the Four Weddings soundtrack, but it certainly would have been profoundly true. Not only does maths underlie every process and pattern that occurs in the world around us, but having a good understanding of it will help enormously in everyday life. Being quick at mental arithmetic will save you pounds in the supermarket, and a knowledge of statistics will help you see through the baloney in television adverts or newspaper articles, and to understand the torrent of information you'll hear about your local football team.


GEOMETRY IN CAD Geometry is a part of mathematics concerned with questions of size, shape, and relative position of figures and with properties of space. Geometry is one of the oldest sciences Computer-aided design , computer-aided geometric design. Representing shapes in computers, and using these descriptions to create images, to instruct people or machines to build the shapes, etc. (e.g. the hood of a car, the overlay of parts in a building construction, even parts of computer animation).


MATHS IN BIOLOGY Symmetry is a central concept of many studies in science - and also the central concept of modern studies of geometry. Students struggle in university science if they are not able to detect symmetries of an object (molecule in stereo chemistry, systems of laws in physics, ... ). the study of transformations and related symmetries has been, since 1870s the defining characteristic of geometric studies


MATHS IN MUSIC Music theorists often use mathematics to understand musical structure and communicate new ways of hearing music. This has led to musical applications of set theory, abstract algebra, and number theory. Music scholars have also used mathematics to understand musical scales, and some composers have incorporated the Golden ratio and Fibonacci numbers into their work.

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Geometry in clothing

Geometry in house decoration:

Geometry in house decoration

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Geometry in art

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Geometry in architecture

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Symmetry in the nature

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