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It was all started by Walt Disney and Roy Disney with Mickey Mouse


Disney introduced many blockbuster animated movies…..


Later, it acquired large companies like Marvel. It launched TV shows and movies for all age groups.


Today , Disney has expanded into f our major business segments


1. Studio Entertainment – films ,recording labels, theatrical performances.


2.Disney -branded Consumer Products


3.Media networks


4.Theme Parks and Resorts


Disney is the 13 th most powerful brand in the world. Consumers spend around 10 billion hours on Disney brand movies and shows. The company’s net worth is 45 billion dollars. Disney has won numerous awards since it’s establishment.


What is the reason for Disney’s success and how does it connect with it’s core consumers?


Disney’s core values revolve around the quote “Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.” 1.Beliefs and Attitude


2 .Market Segmentation and Customer Satisfaction Disney has been successful in appealing to all age groups. It works hard to connect with it’s customers on many levels and through every detail.


3.Emotions Disney has been successful in making an emotional connection with it’s customers.


4.Creativity and Innovation The company connects with it’s consumers in innovative ways through emails, blogs and it’s website. It has made a new gaming platform called Disney Infinity which allows consumers to play with many of the Disney characters at the same time.


What are the risks and benefits of expanding Disney brand in new ways?


Benefits: The company is generating its revenue from its five business segments . Now the consumers see using Disney products as a part of his lifestyle as Disney is attracting consumers on various aspects of life.


Risks: The risk lies in the fact that Disney may lose on its heritage and core values laid down by its founders while making itself relevant to the newer generations. Any changes made in the characters or cartoons can be harmful because consumers h ave established an emotional connection with the characters.


Summary: History of Disney Types of Business segments Reason for Success Risks and Benefits of Expansion


Disclaimer Created by Kunal Sharma, IIT Roorkee ,during a Marketing Internship under Professor Sameer Mathur , IIM Lucknow.

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