The Monster that Fell through the Roof[2]

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The Monster that Fell through the Roof :

The Monster that Fell through the Roof Period 3 12/17/2010 通過屋頂跌倒的妖怪 Le monstre qui est tombé par le toit O monstro que caiu através do telhado

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One day I was sitting in the bathroom when suddenly a monster fell though the roof. What are you doing here?

Slide 3:

It immediately jumped on the floor and knocked over the flower pot.

Slide 4:

Then it ran out the door into the kitchen and jumped off the table.

Slide 5:

It then knocked a glass of milk off the coffee table.

Slide 6:

After a few minutes of chasing the creature through the house I finally caught it and put it outside. Get out of my house!

Slide 7:

It quickly climbed the nearest tree and disappeared.

Slide 8:

Since the monster was still sitting on the tree, I quickly called the monster control . Monster control We’ll get it right now

Slide 9:

Finally, I’m safe. That was a lot of work for one day.

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