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Roles and Responsibilities of Supervisor Prepared by : Shri L K Dungarani

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Because, Somebody is waiting for you at Home:

Because, Somebody is waiting for you at Home

Supervisor - Definition:

Supervisor - Definition A supervisor is “ a person who instructs, directs, and controls the workers in the performance of their duties”. Supervisor is a KEY person in any organisation.

Supervisor – Key Person:

Supervisor – Key Person Supervisor is a interlink between Management & Workers. Management Supervisor Workers

Who is Supervisor ?:

Who is Supervisor ? Supervisor may also includes Owners,managers, Superntendents, Engineers, Foremens, Department heads, &Trainee Enginners Remember; If you as a Supervisor fail to take action or delay taking action, you not only condone the UNSAFE activities but you also ENCOURAGE it

Duties of Employer / Management :

Duties of Employer / Management To ensure the health and safety of their workers and other workers on the worksite. To ensure that workers are aware of all known or reasonably foreseeable hazards. To establish Safety Policies and programms To remedy hazards To provide information, instruction, training and supervision

Duties of Workman:

Duties of Workman Take reasonable care to protect themselves and others To work with all rules and regulations. Follow established safe work procedures To work safely as per the instruction of Supervisor Report any unsafe conditions or unsafe acts.

Duties of Supervisors (General):

Duties of Supervisors (General) Achieve corporate goals – Produce a quality product or services, meet delivery schedules and minimize waste. Production – Effective and efficient management of personnel, time, equipment, material for production. Give job instructions. Assign work to personnel and supervise them. Maintain equipment and workplace. Documentation.


SIGNS OF A GOOD SUPERVISOR Good Leader Commands respect Exhibits respect for others Advise and take care of safety of their workers Capable of clear communication Trains effectively Has good listening skills Gives feedback Follows up for safety Understands Human Behavior

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Training to workmen:

Training to workmen A good supervisor always train their people for safe operation on machine. Explain the job in detail and the reasons for doing it. Explain the safe procedure for doing work. Encourage workers to ask question during training. Explain the hazards associated with machine / process and safe work of doing it. Explain the importance of PPEs (Safety helmet, gloves, goggles, Safety shoes, ear plug, etc.) Give special focus to young and new workman. Give special focus on new job (operation). After training - Supervisor should observe the workmen and check workmen for his safe and good work.

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Show Observe Correct Tell


TRAINING GUIDELINES Explain the job procedures Show the job procedures Employee explains it and shows you Praise for what is done correctly Correct the technique if necessary Employee explains and shows again Praise for correct technique / procedure Follow-up and repeat if necessary


Communication A good supervisor always give TOOL BOX TALK prior to any work. Always tells their workers about hazards associated with work and their remedy. Communicate the safe working procedure. Supervisor also listen to workers about their problems and solve accordingly. Supervisor also communicates any requirement of PPEs, unsafe condition, unsafe procedure to Management for its correction or provision.

Set an Example:

Set an Example A supervisor is a person who first follow all safety rules. Use of PPEs during work should be his nature. Supervisor always give respect to SAFETY in any time. Always follow work-permit procedure. Supervisor should report any unsafe condition or act.

Set an Example - Guideline:

Set an Example - Guideline Follow the rules yourself Be consistent in your approach Even small things count Don’t make exceptions & Don’t play favorites Your actions say a lot more than your words Employees will watch you to see if you can “Walk the Talk”

Legal Requirement / Enforce Safety Rules:

Legal Requirement / Enforce Safety Rules Besides an ethical and moral duty, Supervisor have a legal responsibility for safety supervision. Testing of tools / tackles Testing of pressure vessels Use of PPEs Availability of Fire Extinguishers at work place Ensure Emergency Procedure Validation of machine

Encourage Positive Behaviour :

Encourage Positive Behaviour Motivate the workmen for safe work. Do not scold or blame but analyze the situation. Do not behave like BOSS but always guide as FRIEND. Always focus on behaviour of workmen and try to change bad behaviour (not using PPEs, safe guards, procedure) behaviour and try to change it by training or advising them emotionally. Praise the employee for Safe Behavior Catch your people doing something Right - Rewards

Encourage Positive Behaviour :

Encourage Positive Behaviour Supervisor should ask any unsafe condition while working and should take steps to element it. Always behave like family member with workmen and understand their situation. Always work in team.

Job Safety Analysis:

Job Safety Analysis Supervisor should always do Job Safety Analysis with the help of manager, safety professionals and display JSA on each machine. For JSA – break activities, identify hazards, apply remedial measures for that. Display Dos and Don’ts on each machine or procedure after analyzing.

Safety Inspection:

Safety Inspection Supervisor should do periodically Safety Inspection of his area. Condition of machine Work place condition Unsafe Act / Unsafe Condition Hazard at work place Violation of Safety Rule Violation of Legal Requirement Submit report to Management for its correction.

Record Keeping:

Record Keeping Always keep record of Training documents Tool Box Talk Concerned Safety Procedure MOM of Safety Meeting Report of hazards and its compliance status Work-Permit All Safety Activities Inspection / Audit Report

Investigate the Incident:

Investigate the Incident As a key person of work place, it is essential to take part in accident / incident Investigation and give valuable suggestion / information during investigation. Accidents are investigated, not to find fault or to blame, but to find out the Root Cause - (who, what, when, where, why). Develop a plan for preventing the such incident in future.

Investigate the Incident:

Investigate the Incident Accident have many costs not usually tracked. Loss of Manpower Retraining Costs Damaged Material / Equipment Lower Morale Loss of Profit Loss of trust towards Management and Supervisor.

Supervisor - Summary:

Supervisor - Summary You are a Supervisor and thus in a sense, have TWO FAMILIES. Care for your people at work as you would care for people at home. With Family With Workmen

Supervisor - Summary:

Supervisor - Summary Know all the rules of Safety that apply to your workplace.

Supervisor - Summary:

Supervisor - Summary Anticipate risks that may arise from changes in equipment or methods. Encourage your people to discuss with you the hazards of their work. Train, communicate & monitor your workmen for safe work.

Supervisor - Summary:

Supervisor - Summary Instruct your workmen to work safely. Follow up your instructions consistently. Implement all safety rules at workplace. Report and Correct all hazard at workplace as soon as possible.

Supervisor - Summary:

Supervisor - Summary Investigate all accidents no matter how slight. Remember that safety not only reduces human suffering and loss, but also improves efficiency, productivity and quality. Safety is good business. In any organization safety culture can be bring only with the help of SUPERVISOR.

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