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training and development


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Training and Development : 

INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY Training and Development Kuldeep singh chauhan Indian business academy Bangalore

Infosys BPO : 

Infosys BPO Infosys BPO Limited (formerly Progeon Limited) is the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) subsidiary of Infosys Technologies Ltd. The company was started as Progeon Limited in April 2002 and is today among the top third-party BPOs in India according to NASSCOM. Infosys BPO closed FY 07-08 with a revenue of $ 250.3 million with 11 centers worldwide employing 16,295 employees and 44 clients. It has its headquarters in Bangalore

Offerings : 

Offerings Aerospace and Automotive Banking and Capital Markets Communication Service Providers Energy and Utilities Healthcare Insurance Life Sciences Manufacturing Media and Entertainment Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods Services Transportation and Services

The Training Process : 

The Training Process 24 December 2008 4 INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY

Training Needs Analysis : 

There are three types of training need analysis done in Infosys: Organizational need analysis Job need analysis Person need analysis. Training Needs Analysis 24 December 2008 5 INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY

Organizational Needs Analysis : 

This includes: Define Infosys's Short Term Goals/Objectives Define Infosys's Long Term Goals/Objectives Human Resource Analysis Efficiency Indexes Assessment Assessment of the organizational climate Organizational Needs Analysis 24 December 2008 6 INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY

Job Needs Analysis : 

The specific content of present or anticipated jobs is examined through job analysis. For existing jobs, Information on the tasks to be performed (contained in job descriptions), The skills necessary to perform those tasks (drawn from job qualifications), The minimum acceptable standards (obtained from performance appraisals) are gathered. This information can then be used to ensure that training programs are job specific and useful. Job Needs Analysis 24 December 2008 7 INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY

Person Needs Analysis : 

Person needs analysis can be either broad or narrow in scope. The broader approach compares actual performance with the minimum acceptable standards of performance. Based on the actual, current job performance of an employee; therefore, it can be used to determine training needs for the current job. The narrower approach compares an evaluation of employee proficiency on each required skill dimension with the proficiency level required for each skill. Used to identify development needs for future jobs. Person Needs Analysis 24 December 2008 8 INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY

T&D Department : 

T&D Department Teams:- Corporate training team Organisational development team Corporate training team caters to band B only-process executive & senior process executive OD team caters to band C and above Total number of people in T&D dept-30 24 December 2008 9 INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY

Continued… : 

Continued… Training dept is divided across 5 verticals 1-communication service providers e.g. british telecom. 2-banking and capital market e.g. UBS,Deutsche. 3-manufacturing vertical e.g. Cisco,ingram micro 4-insurance and health care-Aon 5-emerging markets-yahoo and British petroleum 24 December 2008 10 INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY

Training methods : 

Training methods Conference Lecture Seminar Demonstration Panel Role Playing Case Studies Simulations Self-Discovery Movies/Videos/Computer based Trainings On-the-job training Mentoring 24 December 2008 11 INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY

Infrastructure : 

Infrastructure Classroom Halls Mysore campus:-world’s biggest training centre 24 December 2008 12 INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY

Continued… : 

Continued… It is a Rs. 260 crore corporate training centre. It adds 12,000 employees every year. The US $ 60 million training centre is housed in a 270 acre campus at Mysore Facilities at the training centre of the Infosys comprise food court, employee care centre, theatre, and education research block, beside the trainee hostel.

Training administration : 

Training administration In-house training team Except for operations management for band C, done through vendors e.g. On Track. 24 December 2008 14 INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY

Types of Training : 

Types of Training Types of training is different for different hierarchy levels. It is mainly divided into 2 types For band B For band C and above For a period of 2-3 yrs with the company these employees have to go through certain number of trainings… 24 December 2008 15 INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY

For band B : 

For band B Induction Voice and accent training Process training 6 months training process recruits in band B have to go through the following training programs during a period of 2-3 yrs… 24 December 2008 16 INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY

Continued… : 

Continued… Domain training-for specific verticals they working they have to go for certifications called as domain certifications e.g. t100. -This is mainly a benchmark for process know how. Quality training-six sigma certifications. 24 December 2008 17 INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY

Continued… : 

Continued… Competency based training:- 1)Soft skills training:- communication, presentation, cultural sensitivity, client interface training. MIND-mentoring, innovating, negotiating, developing. It is for self-awareness and self evaluation, mainly focuses on EQ. Transactional analysis-for understanding your own personality 24 December 2008 18 INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY

Continued… : 

Continued… Technical training:- e-mail etiquettes. excel training. presentation skills. 24 December 2008 19 INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY

For band C and above : 

For band C and above Induction-1day, joining formalities Buddy program-one month -it is basically an assistance provided by a peer employee which helps the new recruit understand the process, understand dynamics of the client, client requirement, culture, values. recruits in band C and above have to go through the following training programs during a period of 2-3 yrs… 24 December 2008 20 INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY

Continued… : 

Continued… Operations management:- Deal with operations complexity Focus on interpersonal evaluation Conflict management Confidence management 24 December 2008 21 INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY

Continued… : 

Continued… Leadership fundamentals:- Harnessing leadership qualities Appraisal skills workshop:- How to evaluate sub-ordinates How to handle escalations How to appraise 24 December 2008 22 INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY

Continued… : 

Continued… Quality training:- six sigma:-green belt-black belt Domain training:- T200 and T300 certifications. Middle Management Leadership Program (MMLP):- For band C employees-team leads It harnesses their leadership qualities, available for high performers. 24 December 2008 23 INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY

Development : 

Development Career pathing:- Chalk out career path for all Should have completed 18 months in Infosys. Provided by career counselor. Higher education:- MBA 50% of the fees is reimbursed. 24 December 2008 24 INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY

Evaluation : 

Evaluation Performance Development Plan:- A sheet which the employee and manager has to fill where both of them have to provide information which all areas the employee has improved in. Projects:- Small term projects like on Six Sigma, where at the end of it the employee has to give presentations to the training team. 24 December 2008 25 INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY

Continued… : 

Continued… Questionnaire:- Feed back from the employees on the quality and content of training Analysis is done on it and than it is scaled. 24 December 2008 26 INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY



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