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Any profession is made to look simpler because of the love and competence of the person performing. Modern image capture is not just about equipment. The business insights of a professional videographer have some qualities which are considered as a professional videographer.


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Business Insights of a Professional Videographer Any profession is made to look simpler because of the love and competence of the person performing. Modern image capture is not just about equipment. Basic understanding of audio composition lighting staging story-telling and continuity are all cast into an arena of potential malfunction and lack of circumstantial control. Recognizing one’s own shortcomings and improving is crucial in any profession. Here are some qualities one should consider as a professional videographer. Honesty People have tremendous memories when it comes to dishonesty. Always be forthright and never deceptive. The longer one stays in an industry the broader the reputation. The town is never as big as one might think.

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Communication skills Most creative-types are a bit introverted. A sale requires moving outside of ones shell. No one wants to be a starving artist. Sharing your story and your love for your profession will become more natural as you genuinely become more interested in others. Fast Learner A Portland Videographer understands the use of modern day equipment and technology. Studies have shown that the learning curve is unending and to be the finest at ones chosen profession one needs to have an open mind towards changing trends. The best ones are quick to understand the changes and apply them in the required situation. Creativity Uniqueness and creativity well that is what drives you right Keep that spark alive While doing some jobs to pay the bills may seem routine and a waste of your talents perhaps try to do something a little bit better a little bit more innovative and a little bit more challenging. Perhaps different choices for lighting instruments microphones camera bodies or lenses camera placement or angle may keep your creative talents honed. Competition Look at your competitors as potential allies. Come out of your shell and learn to network with industry groups. Most creative people are one-man-bands and if they are too busy to help a potential client they may pass that lead onto you. You may land a job that requires the talents of more than just you. Networking gives you an opportunity to find colleagues for larger jobs expanded equipment needs even back-up in the event of illness or family emergency. Be positive and encouraging and learn from your "competition." Remember "Dont let failure go to your heart and dont let success go to your head." Will Smith

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