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Everyone Who is Eligible Should Donate Blood:

Everyone Who is Eligible Should Donate Blood Alex Handler, Andrew Pearson, Kyle Staunton, and Grant Siedschlag


Overview Why How The Process Possible Negatives Recommendations

The need for blood:

The need for blood Diseases Accidents Versatility


Positives Saving lives Mini check up Better blood flow Live longer Balanced iron levels

Before the Process:

Before the Process Medical History Health Check Eligibility

The Process:

The Process Whole Blood, Plasma, Platelets, or Double Red Cells 1 pint of whole blood is given Later separated into platelets, red blood cells, plasma Three lives can be affected by your pint of blood

Process cont’d:

Process cont’d Professional staff Clean needle site One needle inserted 8-10 min for 1 pint whole blood Bandage Snacks Total time~ 1hr

Possible Consequences:

Possible Consequences Fainting Nausea Bruising Brief Hit to Workout Routine


Recommendations Everyone here who is medically able should donate blood once a semester. Eligible to donate once every 56 days One hour of time Help three different people


Questions For more information:

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