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Floor Plan Development:

Floor Plan Development

Booth Types:

Booth Types Linear Perimeter End-Cap Peninsula Split Island Island Extended Header

Other Important Considerations:

Other Important Considerations Canopies & Ceilings Hanging Signs & Graphics Towers Multi-Story Exhibits

Issues Common to All Booth Types:

Issues Common to All Booth Types ADA Structural Integrity Flammable & Toxic Materials Electrical Lighting Storage Demonstrations Sound/Music


ADA Exhibiting Companies Are Required Reasonable Accommodation

Structural Integrity:

Structural Integrity Withstand Normal Contact Withstand Vibration Withstand Moderate Wind Recommended That 20x20 and Bigger Exhibits Require Drawing, Plans, Or Renderings Display Fixtures

Flammable & Toxic Materials:

Flammable & Toxic Materials Fire Retardant Material Certified Flame Retardant Flame-proofing Certificate Disposal Subject to EPA & Facility Guidelines Exhibitors’ Responsibility to For Local Regulations


Electrical Facilities Have Their Own Requirements Minimum Guidelines: All 110- Volt Wiring Grounded Wiring That Touches Floor Qualify for “Extra Hard Usage” Cord Wiring Above Floor Level Rated for “Hard Usage” Power-strips UL Approved


Lighting Suggested Minimum Guidelines Exhibitors Should Submit Drawings to Show Management Nothing Outside Exhibit Space Boundaries Don’t Project Lighting Onto Other Exhibits Specialty Lights (Laser, Rotating, Pulsing) Comply With Facility Rules & Show Mgmt Theatre Area Lighting Approval Check on Prohibited Lighting


Storage Fire Regulations Inside Booth


Demonstrations Within Your Exhibit Space Exhibitor’s Responsibility for Local Regulations Protect Spectators

Sound & Music:

Sound & Music Exhibitors Should Not Disrupt Neighboring Booths Direct Sound Into the Booth Sound & Noise Should Not Exceed 85 Decibels When Measured From Aisle Immediately in Front of Booth Laws Governing Copyrighted Compositions

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