South Carolina’s State Symbols

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Overview on South Carolina's state symbols and history.


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South Carolina’s State Symbols:

South Carolina’s State Symbols

Symbols of South Carolina:

Symbols of South Carolina The U.S. flag is a symbol of our country. A symbol is something that has a special meaning or can stand for something else. We have symbols that stand for our state, too. This is the South Carolina flag that is a symbol for our state. We will learn more about it later this week. Let’s learn about some other symbols of South Carolina!

State Nickname: Palmetto State:

State Nickname: Palmetto State A nickname is another name for a person or place. South Carolina’s nickname is the Palmetto State. The palmetto is a beautiful tree. It is very strong and flexible. This means it can bend without breaking. Over 200 years ago, some South Carolinians built a fort from palmetto trees to defend themselves from attack. They were fighting in the American Revolution. The attackers shot cannonballs at the fort, but the cannonballs just bounced off the palmetto tree fort. Our state nickname means we are very strong and we “bounce back” when times are tough. Do you think the Palmetto State is a good nickname for South Carolina?

State Motto:

State Motto South Carolina has two mottos. Mottos are sayings that tell a goal or an idea. Example: At Pee Dee Elementary we are busy bees. This tells everyone that we are hard workers. Each motto is written is the Latin language. One state motto Dum Spiro Spero means “While I breathe I hope.” It means as long as we are alive, we can hope for better things to come. Another meaning is, “Don’t ever give up.” Our other motto, Animis Opibusque Parati means Prepared in minds and resources.” South Carolinians use their minds and resources to face the future.

State Seal:

State Seal Our state seal is a symbol used to make important government papers. The state seal has two pictures on it. One picture shows two trees. One of the trees is a palmetto. It stands for brave soldiers at the palmetto fort. The other tree is an oak tree. It has fallen down. It stands for the people who attacked the palmetto fort and lost. The other picture is of a woman walking on a beach. She stands for hope. Both of the state mottos are also written on the seal.

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