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“Sample Design” :

1 “Sample Design” Kshirsagar Sonali R. Asst. Prof. (MBA) Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

Sample Design:

2 Sample Design All the items under consideration in any field of inquiry constitutes a “universe” or “population”. A complete counting of all the items in the universe is “Census Inquiry”.

Sample Design:

3 Sample Design Many a times a census inquiry is not possible, so the researcher select only few items from the population taking into consideration the available time and money. And the selected items is known as sample and the selection process is known as “Sample Design”.

Sample Design:

4 Sample Design A sample design is definite plan for obtaining a sample from a given population. It is a technique of selecting the items for the sample. There are many sample designs from which a researcher can choose. The researcher must select a design which should be reliable and appropriate for his research study.

Steps/ Points in sample design:

5 Steps/ Points in sample design Type of universe Sampling unit Source list Sample size Sampling procedure

Steps/ Points in sample design :

6 Steps/ Points in sample design Type of universe In finite universe the number of items is certain. Example: The Population of a city. The workers in a factory. The students in a class. The population of a city.

PowerPoint Presentation:

7 In case of infinite universe the number of items is infinite i.e. we cannot have any idea about the total number of items. Examples: The number of stars in the sky. Listeners of a specific radio programme. Viewers of a specific television programme.

Sampling unit :

8 Sampling unit Sampling unit must be decided before selecting the sample. Sampling unit may be: Geographical- state, district, village, etc. Constructional-house, flat, etc. Social-family, club, group, etc. Individual- Mr. X, Mr. Y, Mr. A, etc.

Source List:

9 Source List Source list is that list which is having all information & from which the items can be selected.

Sample Size:

10 Sample Size Sample size refers to the items to be selected from the universe to form a sample. The sample size should not be very large or it should not be very small. While selecting the sample size the researcher should think of his parameters of interests i.e. he should think which items if he selected will contribute more effectively and the budgetary constraints.

Sampling procedure :

11 Sampling procedure Finally the researcher should decide the type of sample he will use i.e. he must decide the technique to be used in selecting the items for the sample.

Types of Sample Design:

12 Types of Sample Design Probability Sample Design Chance/ Simple Random sample design. Each item has known probability. Involves selection without any deliberation. Non-Probability Sample Design Deliberate/ Purposive sample design. A particular number of items are being included. Involves selection of items deliberately and purposively.

PowerPoint Presentation:

13 Types: Simple Random Sample Systematic Sample Stratified Sample Cluster Sample Types: Convenience sample Judgment Sample Quota Sample

Probability Sample:

14 Probability Sample

Systematic Sample:

15 Systematic Sample

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Cluster Sample:

17 Cluster Sample

Non Probability Sample Design:

18 Non Probability Sample Design It means that there is no probability of each item will be included in the sample. The researcher purposively choose particular units of the universe as a sample to represent as a whole.

Convenience Sample:

19 Convenience Sample When population elements are selected for inclusion in the sample on the ease of access of the researcher. Example: Bharat Gas User/ Buyers.

Judgment Sample:

20 Judgment Sample In Judgment sampling the researchers judgment is used for selecting the items which he considers as representative of the population. Example: A Judgment sample of college students/ Faculty members/ or parents.

Quota Sample :

21 Quota Sample The interviewer is simply given a quota to be filled from different strata (heterogeneous subpopulation) with some restrictions on how they are to be filled. The actual selection of the items is left to the interviewers judgment. Example: University MBA exams. Reserved Quota for Women.

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