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Good Monthly Income? Time Freedom? Travel the world? Better Future for your Family? A new car? Or help some one ? Your Dreams in Your Life!

Legal Ways Of Earning : 

Legal Ways Of Earning Education Experience Time Limitations Area Limitations Income Limitations Mr. Boss No Business Share 100% Risk Heavy Capital Experience Full Time Area Limitations Income Limitations Fear of Loss Sudden Disasters 100% Risk No Heavy Capital No Experience No Time Limitations No Area Limitations No Income Limitations No Boss Business Share No Risk Job Business TIENS

Traditional Marketing : 

Traditional Marketing Factory Purchase Use Recommend Rs.5/- Rs.15/- 10

Starting Phase : 

Starting Phase 2 Star 3 Star 4 Star Rs. 8400/- Rs. 25200/- Rs. 100800/- 20% 15% 24% 4-19% 5% 100PPV 300PV 1200PV Business Kit CD Magazine Card Code 3 Star 3 Star 3 Star 3 Star 4 Star 4 Star 4 Star 4 Star 1PV=1$=84Rs. Registration Fee = Rs. 1150/- GPV=1500PV GPV=6000PV

Development Phase : 

Development Phase The rank never drops back Accumulated BV without time limit Average 1 - 2 years Average Income Rs.100,000/- 24% 4-19% 28% 4-23% 32% 4-27% 36% 4-31% 40% 4-35%

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Luxury Car =25000$ 0.75% GB Executive Phase

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Luxury Yacht or 30000$ 0.50% GB Executive Phase

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Speed Boat Winner

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Speed Boat Winner

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Personal Plane or 40000$ 1 0.50% GB Executive Phase

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Private Plan Winner

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Private Plane Winner

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Luxury Villa or 100,000$ 0.25% GB Executive Phase

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Company Profile

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Mr. Li Jinyuan President,Founder of Tiens Group Over 30 Million Independent Distributors Fixed Assets more than $2.5 Billion 50,000 agent offices / stockists Member of WFDSA CEO Council (World Federation of Direct Selling Associations) Tianshi International

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1992 TIENS founded In China 1998 Penetrated world market through USA followed by Russia & Europe 2004 Network expanded to 180 countries 1995 Adopted Direct Sales Business concept (Network Marketing) 2001 Penetrated Asia and Africa Go Public in International AMEX stock exchanges America e-Commerce Company Profile

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Tianshi Economic Development Company Tianshi Biology Development Company Tianshi Real Estate Development Company Tianshi Transport Company Tianshi Bioengineering Corporation Tianshi Enterprise Research Company Tianshi University Tianshi Traveling Agency BannerStore Group Divisions

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President’s Building Tiens Beijing Office Tiens University TIENS Quality Control Center Working in 110+ Countries

Our Strategic Partners : 

Our Strategic Partners

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TIENS ‘The Name of Quality’ : 

TIENS ‘The Name of Quality’

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TIENS Product Categories Healthcare Devices Dietary Food Supplements Slimming Solutions Beauty Care Products House Care Products OVER 10000 PRODUCTS WORLDWIDE ABOUT 500+ IN PAKISTAN

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Active Oxygen Detoxifier

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Blood Pressure Controller Balances the blood pressure Good for both hypertension & hypo- tension Good to make hair healthy and strong. Also good for migraine due to long use of mobile phone Pain reliever. It is very good for all sorts of acute pains in the body like headache, toothache, stomach ache problems.

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TIENS Aculife An electronic disease detector A powerful healer FDA approved Medical Device CE certified A mobile &portable doctor

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TIENS Nutrient High Calcium CALCIUM DEFICIENCY CAUSES 120 DISEASES Natural & organic calcium High absorption rate Highly concentrated (400mg/100g) Abundant in amino acids, vitamins and trace elements Unique Patent product Good for all types of calcium deficiency Important for life from before cradle up to grave

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Additional Nutritional Products

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Many Slimming Solutions Slimming Belt Slim Tea Fat Sport Expert & Many More….

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 Health Care Products

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Beauty Care Products Aprotie French Cosmetics EGF Ginseng Series Cosmetics Aloe Series Cosmetics Perfumes from Paris

Success ProfileCh. Anwar Hussain (Bronze Lion) : 

Success ProfileCh. Anwar Hussain (Bronze Lion)

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Ask the person who invited you For More Information… Visit our website: www.saqibtiens.com www.tiens.com

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Thank you Thank You

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