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Changing Paradigms : 

Changing Paradigms From “being taught” to “learning on your own with guidance” By Marc Prensky Presented by Kirk Seeley

Teaching “Old School” : 

Teaching “Old School” Tranfering Stuff Outdated “Tools” Teaching To A Test

Teaching New School : 

Teaching New School Preparing For The Future Distractions or Connections Youtube E-mail IM Video Games Connect New Tools to Old Tools

PowerPoint-less : 

PowerPoint-less Sorry, using a computer, even a Mac, is not enough to make a connection between you and the student Keep in mind their ability level What programs they use

No Harm No Foul : 

No Harm No Foul Using the resources available to students is not cheating These are their tools This will motivate, challenge, and excite the students

Digital Human Development : 

Digital Human Development Where does the shift start? Same shift different day Mutual understanding

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