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Hello, class! Here is the powerpoint from Monday, 1/7/13. Make sure to review it as an aid to help you study for quizzes and your te


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The Cell Cycle and Mitosis :

The Cell Cycle and Mitosis 7 th Grade Life Science



The Cell Cycle :

The Cell Cycle We focus on the nucleus when studying the cell cycle because it contains DNA, the information that directs all cell activities.

Why does the cell cycle happen? Hint: there are 3 important reasons!:

Why does the cell cycle happen? Hint: there are 3 important reasons! Our bodies need to repair themselves after DNA inside cells is damaged. Ex. Sunburn Some cells die. For example, the cells in the lining of our stomach “die” every 3-4 days so our bodies need to replace those cells! In order for us to grow, we need more cells! (Our cells do not “grow bigger” as we grow taller!)

The Cell Cycle: Interphase :

The Cell Cycle: Interphase

Mitosis :

Mitosis Mitosis has 4 steps: Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, and Telophase

PowerPoint Presentation:

Cool Mitosis in Action Clip!

Summary: The Cell Cycle :

Summary: The Cell Cycle Cells divide to make new cells for three reasons: to repair damaged tissue for an organism to grow to replace dead cells Each cell spends most of its time in a phase called “Interphase,” where it goes through the processes - cellular respiration -photosynthesis (in plants) - transporting / storing materials.

Summary: The Cell Cycle:

Summary: The Cell Cycle Mitosis is the process where one cell divides to create two IDENTICAL cells with the same genetic material (DNA!) as the first cell. There are 4 steps to Mitosis: Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase We will talk more about these phases tomorrow. Remember “PMAT!!!”

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