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Collaboration for Better Literacy:

Collaboration for Better Literacy By, Tom New and Katrina Strauss

The Problem:

The Problem Katrina and I both teach several sections of Freshman Both of our classes incorporate reading. We have collaboration time with our individual course teams. The problem is where do teachers find the time to discuss across the curriculum. In order for me to help Katrina’s students better, I have to find out what she is doing in her class. In order for Katrina to know where her students reading levels are, I need to give her the MAP data.

The Solution:

The Solution Compile existing map data into teacher friendly chart in Google Docs. This will allow teachers to analyze and communicate about the same data. Data can be shared with specific teachers. Katrina will talk more about collaboration later. Use a literacy program with enough content to specifically target individual weaknesses ACE Reader Possibility of loading extra content. Let’s look at the program first.

Ace Reader:

Ace Reader Program used by a lot of schools for literacy intervention. I use it as supplemental material a few times a week (might only be 20 minutes a day or a bell-ringer). Features: Several Different Modes Warm Up Drills Eye Fixation Single Passage Assessment Customizable Content

Warm-Up Mode:

Warm-Up Mode

Eye-Fixation Help:

Eye-Fixation Help

Processes Data for Teachers :

Processes Data for Teachers

Customizable :

Customizable Load Feature: Educators can load custom content onto the program. Only downside- Sometimes the reading level isn’t as easy to figure out. can be used to sort some of that information out. Possible Sources for new content (taken from ACE Reader’s website): Project Guttenberg Another possibility is if Katrina lets me know she is talking about air pressure, I can try to find a passage to use in my class.

Quick Look at Data from Google Docs:

Quick Look at Data from Google Docs Katrina could click an individual student and let me know what they are doing in her class. The growth column gives teachers some perspective into where their class/individual student is outside of the literacy program.

Google Docs Option:

Google Docs Option Teacher’s can share data with each other. Teachers can comment on an individual student’s score. More specifically, teachers can share what they are doing in the classroom to help connect to the two curriculums together. Obviously, there might be some issues with privacy, but this is just an initial idea that could be brought before administration.

Class Connect:

Class Connect Share files with colleagues Find resources from other teachers

PowerPoint Presentation:

Moodle Teachers Use discussion forum Share resources, ideas, progress

Tools for literacy:

Tools for literacy Students Use discussion forum for writing Cross curriculum writing

Tools for Literacy:

Tools for Literacy Google Dictionary Used in Google chrome Can click on a word and its definition pops up Can also set it to translate in Spanish Can use with any reading online

Tools for Literacy:

Tools for Literacy Word Stash Google Chrome Flash cards for vocabulary including adding a picture to the card Flash card games- multiple choice, waterfall Can use your own definitions or their library

Collaboration for literacy across the curriculum:

Collaboration for literacy across the curriculum Common goal- help our students increase their literacy skills Important for teachers to communicate with other teachers outside their content area Need Professional Development





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