Motion Sensor Computing and Learning

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About the benefits of devices like Kinect and Wii and their impact on learning


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Motion Sensor (free form) Computing:

Motion Sensor (free form) Computing Use body movements as the control Examples- Wii , Kinect (includes sound commands), wired gloves Can create “hacks” to develop applications


Uses This technology can have the following applications Health and medicine Special Needs Children Exercise Participatory Art Advertising Navigating and exploring digital spaces

Applications in education/training:

Applications in education/training Game Based Learning- increase engagement Reach kinesthetic learners

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Manipulate “objects” for “hands-on” learning

The Kinect Effect:

The Kinect Effect


Resources Horizon wiki about GBL- Applications of the Kinect - Kinect Effect- Glove Demonstration- Microsoft’s Kinect for Education Website-

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