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introducing A Volun’tour of Charlotte:

Lend A Helping Hand introducing A Volun’tour of Charlotte

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Problems & Solutions P eople drive change 1 Lack of Volunteers 2 What is there to do? 3 Get Involved!

Lack of Volunteers:

Lack of Volunteers Data 1

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Gain Knowledge Why are we not getting out there? The following has be theorized on Volunteering America : Cities with High amount of Foreclosures Decreases Volunteer Rates Capacity for a Community’s Associations Impacts Volunteer Rates Greater Attachment to the Community Encourages Volunteering Volunteering Rises with Education Higher Poverty Areas has less Volunteers Less Volunteers are found in States with High Unemployment

Where have we gone?:

As stated by President Obama, “Economic recovery is as much about what you’re doing in your communities as what we’re doing in Washington – and it’s going to take all of us, working together.” T he Charlotte area has decreased our hourly amount of volunteering by nearly seventy hours per year in less than a decade! Where have we gone?

What Is There To Do?:

2 What Is There To Do? There’s something for everyone. . .

Find your niche:

Many people associate food kitchens when they think about volunteering, but there is a whole world to explore! Find your niche Adult Education Animals Arts & Culture Children & Youth Education Civic & Community Environment Family Services Health & Wellness Hunger & Homelessness Internship & Employment Senior Services Sprints/Marathons

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“It combined elements of “The Amazing Race” with “Home Makeover”. – Charlotte Observer

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Charlotte Sprint For Service 2012 Community Impacts In a matter of 5 hours… · 800 PB&J sandwiches for the neighbors at the Urban Ministry Center · 2,000 articles of clothing hung at the Crisis Assistance Ministry · 9,000 lbs of sweet potatoes bagged for Second Harvest Food Bank · 400 books wrapped for Promising Pages · 1 week’s worth of weeding and pruning at both McGill Rose Garden AND Little Sugar Creek Community Garden

Get Involved:

3 Get Involved Sign up from anywhere !

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Hands on Charlotte Habitat for Humanity Humane Society of Charlotte Volunteer Match Where to look?

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What’s Your Message? Volun’tour Of Charlotte

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