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Assignment 05 Presentation of the ‘problem’ Team Green Green Leader Wang, Xiaoyu Green Members Kim, Youngjae Liang, Hao Moirao , Kelsey Liu, Chenghao Padalkar , Gauri Garshashi , Ashkan Professor Kazuo Takeda Due on Feb 24 2013 ISE 544 – Spring 2013

Problem: How To Be Punctual:

Problem: H ow T o B e P unctual Background: A very common problem faced by everyone Situation : Getting stuck in traffic Getting up late Mismanaging other activities Options : S leep early/wake up early I nform the people the approximate time you will arrive if you think you might be late under certain situations

Recommendation and Next Steps:

Recommendation and Next Steps R ecommendation: M ake a schedule U se new electronic devices to arrange and remind you of important dates and times P ack your bags before you go to sleep R educe morning activities Give about 2 minutes of extra time to yourself for each activity Next steps: K eep track of everything you do for a week W rite down how long you think it might take and how long it actually takes and compare the two M ost importantly, d ecide to be a on time person now!

Action Item Log:

Action Item L og No. Area Action Team Member Responsible Status Report Out Date Target Completion Date 1 Leavey Basement Room 3H Meet and propose problems Xiaoyu Accomplished Feb.12 Feb.14 2 Campus Vote for the problem after meeting All Team Members Accomplished Feb.14 Feb.14 3 Campus Make slides Xiaoyu Accomplished Feb.15 Feb.15 4 Campus Add suggestions to the content of slides All Team Members Accomplished Feb.15 Feb.18 5 Campus Shoot video Gauri , Chenghao Accomplished Feb.15 Feb.19

Action Item Log (continued):

Action Item Log (continued) No. Area Action Team Member Responsible Status Report Out Date Target Completion Date 6 Leavey Basement Room 3D Rehearse for the presentation Youngjae , Hao , Xiaoyu In Progress Feb.12 Feb.22 7 Campus Check formatting of slides All team members In Progress Feb.22 Feb.23 8 Campus Writing AAR and recap process Xiaoyu In Progress Feb.23 Feb.23 9 Campus Submit the final slides online Xiaoyu In Progress Feb.23 Feb.23 10 KAP Second rehearsal before class Xiaoyu, Youngjae , Hao In Progress Feb.25 Feb.25

Recap process:

Recap process



Team leader learns:

Team leader learns

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