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In this PPT, we have discussed about the steps of evaluate teacher and its tips which will provide the help to encourage the students involvement and responsibility.


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Tips to Evaluate Teachers:

Tips to Evaluate Teachers


Introduction Evaluation of teaching can have many purposes, including collecting feedback for teaching improvement, developing a portfolio for job applications, or gathering data as part of personnel decisions, such as reappointment or promotion and tenure.

Tips to Evaluate the Teacher:

Tips to Evaluate the Teacher Set a good example to your students Be compassionate Set some ground rules Never let your students down when they come to you with their problems Have a solid plan for your lessons. Evaluation Forms Artifacts of Effective Teachers Goal Setting

Set a Good Example to Your Students :

Set a Good Example to Your Students Remember that you are the teacher. It is important for you to be like a "superhero" figure in their eyes. Remember that your students look up to you and will try to mimic your disposition.

Be Compassionate:

Be Compassionate Great educators form strong relationships with their students and show that they care about them as people. They are warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring.

Set Some Ground Rules :

Set Some Ground Rules Try allowing the class to suggest the ground rules: have a class discussion and write ideas, it makes the class feel they are listened to and that you care about their opinions and input while also setting some groundwork that they will feel loyal to because they've made it.

Have a Solid Plan For Your Lessons:

Have a Solid Plan For Your L essons Each and every lesson should be divided into three simple parts that reflect your objective . First should be the "lecture" part of the lesson. Dedicate the second part of class to something that involves a collective group work element where students can work with whoever they want . QUIETLY on one final task

Evaluation Forms :

Evaluation Forms Evaluation forms for teachers should provide for varied levels of performance and they should be illustrated with specific examples of behaviors to be observed.

Artifacts of Effective Teachers :

Artifacts of Effective Teachers T eachers that are effective most often perform in a pattern and generate artifacts that are evidence of their effective behaviors. Effective teachers write lesson plans that are tied to state and national objectives.

Goal Setting :

Goal Setting Just as effective teachers require students to set personal learning goals, effective school districts should require teachers to set performance goals that are aligned with behaviors associated with effective teachers and the districts vision and mission statement.

Who I Am..:

Who I Am.. Kristine Raap is a teacher who has been nominated as a teacher of the year three times while working for Wallace School District.

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