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ARE THESE YOUR DREAMS? CAR House & Lot Travel Time Freedom Savings


PHASES OF LIFE Day 1 to 25 Years Old GROWING STAGE No worries Fully supported by parents 26 Years to 55 Years Old WORKING STAGE Working long hours Worries about your family Paying for mortgages, installments, children’s education, food and clothing Facing Inflation Aged 56 and Above RETIREMENT STAGE Old age Jobless Still facing inflation Unavoidable medical expenses Worry about support from children BE PREPARED!!!

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NO NO NO NO Php Php Php TIME TIME TIME Php TIME Jobless and Students OFW, Top Executives, Traditional Businessmen Employees Law Of Leverage

- Bill Gates : 

- Bill Gates If I would be given a chance to start all over again, I would choose, NETWORK MARKETING.

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No High Investments to start the business No Experience Needed No Risks Heritable to next generations Global Business Opportunity Recession Proof Unlimited Income Potential No Territorial Restrictions Become Famous and Successful Enjoy overseas incentive benefits Benefits of Business Network Leveraging

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High capital risks Heavy products inventory High monthly overheads Manpower problems Needs hands-on experience Worry about cash flow problem Facing stiff competition Hard work Time consuming Personal involvement Limited income potential Statistics Shows: Conventional Businesses that have been in operation for 5 years: 54 % closed down 32 % just break-even 14% profitable Problems with Conventional Businesses

The Power of Multiplication : 

The Power of Multiplication Formula to be Rich Multiplication – manpower, time I would rather earn or have 1% from the effort of 100 people rather than 100% from my own effort! – JOHN PAUL GETTY

Why do we study? : 

Why do we study? Nursery – 3 years Elementary – 6 years High School – 4 years College – 4 years MBA ? PhD? 14 years of study Parents Expenses: Worth Thousands and Millions EMPLOYMENT at Php10,000/month

Study : 

Study Your DREAMS? H/L = Php1M Car(s) = Php1M Savings = Php5M Travel = Php1M Business = Php1M Total Php9M Job Cash Needs Wants Where do you earn your cash? Work for Money Money at Work Work for Money Money at Work Employee Self-Employed Business Owner Investor Regular Paycheck Fixed Income Unfixed Expenses Manager-Janitor 500 People work for his Goals/ Dreams Values for Financial and/ or Time Freedom Small Business Owner Specialist – Doctor Consultant – Accountant Gent – Real Estate/ Insurance Buying Stocks, real estate, insurance, mutual funds, ec. Falues for Financial and/ or Time Freedom

Working Smart vs. Working Hard : 

Working Smart vs. Working Hard 1% x 100 % Sick = Cash Vacation = Cash Stop = Cash 100% x 1 = 100% Sick = No Cash Vacation = No Cash Stop = No Cash

Sipag + Tiyaga = Nilaga : 

Sipag + Tiyaga = Nilaga (Balut Vendor, PUV Driver, MagtaTAHO, Ordinary Employees) Versus Sipag + Tiyaga + Determinasyon + Sistema = Success (Lucio Tan, Henry Sy, Ray Kroc of Mcdo, Tony Tan of Jollibee, Networkers, etc.) Php10K x 12 mos. X 40 Years = Php4.8 Million Php100k x 12 mos. X 4 Years = Php4.8 Million Income Time Result 36 yrs Time Freedom

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Fast Food Movie SM Robinson’s Place Starbucks Amusement Parks Do You Earn Profit? Word Of Mouth Advertisement?

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