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If you are searching best shopping tips about the healthy foods, you search ends here.


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Plan out a weekly menu Planning out your meals through the week will help you manage your time better and help you plan healthy meals for your family.


Make a list Keep a list and write things down immediately. Carry this list with you when you go shopping. This will stop you from spending unnecessarily.


Don’t shop when you are hungry You will end up buying unhealthy food that will add to your calorie intake.


Have a budget Having a budget can help you plan your menu better. It will also help you accommodate the right foods into your menu.


Read nutrition labels Look for the expiry date, ingredients, calories, fat, sugars, preservatives and sodium content of your food. If in doubt, speak with your dietitian.


Do not get carried away Ads, offers and attractive packaging can get you tempted to buy unhealthy food. Pay attention to these and think twice before you make a purchase.


Don’t get fooled Pay attention to claims based on only one aspect of the food. Some foods highlight their high fiber content, although they may contain high fat.


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