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Do your body feel tired, achy, or painful? Are you looking for a pain management doctor near you? Krishna Avalon professional acupuncture services provider In NE Portland.


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Can Acupuncture Treat High Blood Pressure Symptoms It is seen one of the three individuals in US suffer from high blood pressure. It is only half of them who have this medical condition in control. If we talk about how to cure high blood pressure then it can be only treated via intake of this medication. You can take acupuncture as an alternative treatment approach against any medication. High Blood Pressure High blood pressure is a medical condition where blood pressure rises up to unhealthy levels. It can be measured by taking in account of blood passing through the blood vessels when the heart pumps blood. It is a common health condition and a half of the Americans are suffering from this condition. What is acupuncture Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese healing practice. In this technique the practitioners insert thin needles at specific points on the body to various depths. It is mainly used to relieve pain and also treat other health conditions. NE Portland acupuncturists incorporates manual pressure electrical stimulation magnets low- power lasers heat and ultrasound on certain points to provide relief to the patients.

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What causes high blood pressure  Smoking tobacco  Living a sedentary lifestyle  Being obese  Excessive alcohol intake  Aging  An unhealthy diet  High levels of stress Benefits of Acupuncture for Hypertension  It is effective  It is side-effect-free  It is used in conjunction with hypertension medications  It assists to manage reduce or eliminate the side effects of medications  It reduces the harmful impacts of hypertension  It is accessible and affordable Is acupuncture safe Yes it is safe and effective technique. Acupuncture is performed by experienced professionals and also assists in the management of high blood pressure. If you are looking for NE Portland acupuncture clinic or acupuncturist then you must contact Krishna Avalon. She is a leading acupuncture service provider in NE Portland. So what are you waiting for Visit the clinic today.

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