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Looking to Find Your Well? Find out how ancient medicine applied to modern life can help you achieve lasting health and wellness. Krishna Avalon provide Acupuncture Services in NE Portland. We are enthusiastic and ardent about helping people, our effective treatments helped several people live healthier, happier lives.


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Acupuncture - Miracle Remedy to Improve Body Functions Are you new to holistic healing Acupuncture may appear bit terrifying to you. You may think how the insertion of needles on your skin can make you feel better. It may hurt you. In this blog we will provide answers to all your queries related to acupuncture and its health benefits. Well no it’s not an overtly painful procedure. This been studied and practiced since 2500 years. What is acupuncture Acupuncture is a medical procedure involving the insertion of needles at the specific points on the body. Due to the insertion of needles the aim of balancing energy is achieved and well-being of the person is achieved. Acupuncture stimulates nerves in the brain and spinal cords to release good chemicals such as such as Opioids and serotonin. Uses The acupuncture is useful in the treatment of ● Low back pain ● Neck pain ● Osteoarthritis ● Knee pain ● A headache and migraine And many more health conditions.

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Benefits of Acupuncture ● It is a safe treatment ● It has a few side effects ● It can be combined with other treatments ● It helps to control certain types of pain ● It assists patients for whom pain medications are not suitable

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Acupuncture Side Effects ● bleeding and bruising ● minor pain and soreness How To Find An Acupuncture Practitioner If you are looking forward to booking an appointment with an acupuncturist you must discuss all the details with a primary care physician. It may be required for insurance coverage. You can also use the web search engines to find NE Portland acupuncturist. Krishna Avalon is a popular NE Portland acupuncturist. She provides a unique experience of healing to her clients. Her sessions are a combination of acupuncture energy work and sound healing.

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