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Welcome to the Krishna Avalon Acupuncture.Where stress and anxiety recovery is possible. We offer hope where other therapies have failed.


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A Brief Detail on Activities Performed by Acupuncturists An Acupuncturist is a medicinal professional trained in a form of traditional Chinese medicine called acupuncture. They work with a mission to relieve pain and promote healing in the patients. They also help in improving physical mental and emotional health. The relief is offered to the patients by stimulating specific points on the patient’s body. What are acupuncture points Acupuncture points are the energy channels on the body also known as meridians. These meridians are considered as the pathways from which Qi flows. Generally it is said that when these meridians are stimulated the human body responds by releasing some chemicals. These chemicals are useful for relieving pain. The type of Portland Acupuncturist includes: • Certified acupuncturist C.Ac. • Chiropractor • Doctor of Oriental Medicine D.O.M. • Herbalist • Licensed acupuncturist L.Ac. • Naturopathic physician N.D. Who are medical acupuncturists Medical acupuncturists are professional doctors who have successfully completed their training in acupuncture.

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The Portland Acupuncturist can help you in: • A headache • Back pain • Arthritis • Nausea • Vomiting • Substance withdrawal. The acupuncture therapies are often delivered in combination with herbal medicines dietary supplements exercise therapy and massage therapy. Do Acupuncturists follow any standards The acupuncturist follows standards laid down by: • World Health Organization • World Federation of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Societies • National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine • Book Your Appointment with Portland Acupuncturist Krishna Avalon is one of the best Portland Acupuncturist and can definitely help you in your healing journey. All the sessions conducted by Krishna Avalon are a combination of acupuncture energy work and sound healing.

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