The Arabic Language

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This presentation should give you an overview of some prominent features of the Arabic language. They are especially beneficial for learners of the language.


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The Arabic Language:

The Arabic Language Notable Features


Alphabet The type of writing system is abjad The number of letters in Arabic is 28 Additional letters, however, can be used to represent sounds that do not occur in Standard Arabic such as /g/ Arabic Keyboard

Arabic Vowels:

Arabic Vowels There are six vowels in Arabic The long vowels /a:/, /i:/ and /u:/ are represented by the letters ' alif , yā ' and wāw respectively Short vowels are marked with special diacritics Arabic Keyboard

Arabic Writing:

Arabic Writing Direction of writing is from right to left Numbers are written from left to right Many different languages use the Arabic script : Äynu , Azeri, Baluchi , Beja , Bosnian, Brahui , Crimean Tatar, etc. Most letters change form depending on where they appear in a word Arabic Keyboard

Varieties of Arabic:

Varieties of Arabic There are over 30 varieties of colloquial Arabic: Egyptian Algerian Moroccan Sudanese Najdi Levantine Arabic Keyboard

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