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Krista Revell:

Krista Revell Skeletal System

Functions of the Skeletal System:

Functions of the Skeletal System Provides a living structure for your body Makes movement possible Protects internal organs Storage for minerals: Calcium and Phosphorus Bone Marrow - CT produces RBC and WBC

Structure of the Skeleton:

Structure of the Skeleton 206 bones Axial Skeleton (center) – 80 bones: skull, ribs, vertebral column (spine), and sternum Appendicular Skeleton (appendages) – 126 bones: limbs, scapula, clavicle, pelvis (hips) ** In one hand alone…26 bones

PowerPoint Presentation:

Axial - Green Appendicular - Purple

Types of Bones:

Types of Bones Outer layer – hard, densely packed compact bone Inner layer – spongy bone, less dense bone with a network of cavities filled with red bone marrow

Types of Bones:

Types of Bones Long Bones – humerus, femur diaphysis – center of long bone, contains yellow bone marrow and stores fat epiphysis – end of a long bone, form joints and contain red bone marrow (new blood cells are produced) Short Bones – wrist bones Flat Bones – skull (protect), scapula Irregular Bones – facial bones, vertebrae


Cartilage A strong, flexible connective tissue (CT) Can be found in many areas of the body: ends of long bones, end of the nose, outer ear Knee Joints – cartilage acts like a cushion Embryo’s skeleton – mostly cartilage… bones will form later Ossification – process by which bone is formed, renewed, and repaired


Joints Point at which bones meet Some joints produce movement and some limited (vertebrae) to not at all (bones of the skull) Ball and Socket – rounded head into rounded cavity. Shoulder and hip. Greatest ROM Hinge – allows joint to bend and straighten. Elbow, knee, ankle and fingers. Promotes rotation Pivot – limited rotation or turning of the head Ellipsoidal – aka gliding joints…allow bones to slide over one another. Wrist bones

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Ligament – band of fibrous, slightly elastic CT that attaches bone to bone. Stabilize movements Tendon – attaches muscle to bone to produce movement Review: Inflammation of a tendon is called what?

School House Rock Video:

School House Rock Video

I hope you have a better understanding of the skeletal system. Thanks for Watching!! :

I hope you have a better understanding of the skeletal system. Thanks for Watching!!

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