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CRM Archaeology:

CRM Archaeology By Kayla Resnick

Office of the State Archaeologist:

Office of the State Archaeologist A Cultural Resource Management (CRM) firm affiliated with the University of Iowa Located in Iowa City, sends crews all over Iowa Contains multiple departments, each with specific projects and goals General Contract Program Highway Archaeology Program Burials Department Geospatial OSA Staff, 2009

Archaeological Technician:

Archaeological Technician Technicians perform a variety of tasks at OSA: Work as crewpersons on Phase I, II, and III surveys/excavations Work in the lab, analyzing and processing artifacts Manipulate data and create maps in GIS Scan and maintain archival collections Crew in Des Moines, March 2011

Road Map:

Road Map 1. Became involved in undergraduate RESEARCH through the Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates 2. Presented research at multiple CONFERENCES, such as the Spring Undergraduate Research Forum and Research in the Capitol 3. Completed an archaeological FIELD SCHOOL


Research I received 2 research grants totaling $4,500 to study Prehistoric Iowa cultures With a great deal of help, I turned one of these projects into an honors thesis focusing on Mill Creek Ceramics Mill Creek vessels


Research The State Archaeologist, Dr. John Doershuk , and I examining ceramics in the lab

Posters and Presentations:

Posters and Presentations I participated in the Spring Undergraduate Research Festival, Research in the Capitol, the Midwest Archaeological Conference, the Iowa Academy of Sciences Conference, and presented to the Board of Regents

Field School:

Field School I participated in the Plum Grove Field School in 2007 There are many other options, both locally (ask your archaeology professors) and internationally Plum Grove Historic Site

Recent Projects:

Recent Projects


Today I can’t be with you today, as I am working on a Phase III (date recovery) excavation in Des Moines Very significant site, potentially the largest Middle Archaic site in Iowa So far: multiple projectile points, hundreds of flakes, an ax and other ground stone tools..

Tomorrow / How to get involved:

Tomorrow / How to get involved We almost always need more help in the field. To get here: Get involved in research; Ask the nice folks at ICRU Present research at conferences Complete a field school Come tour the Office of the State Archaeologist Consider volunteering in the lab Apply!


Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me. I can be reached at or through the OSA

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