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Ms. Kremhelmer Kindergarten Phonics

What does the word “Phonics” mean?:

What does the word “Phonics” mean? A way of learning how to read and spell.


Share What other words start with the “ sh ” sound? Nathan Jones. Sharing. December 2, 2006 via Flickr, Creative Commons Distribution


Puppy JSF306. Brady Lake, Ohio. July 29, 2003, Creative Commons Attribution

Rhyming Words:

Rhyming Words Rick Weil. Toys Donated by Westchester Jewish Teen Service Organization. May 17, 2006, Creative Commons Attribution. OakleyOriginals . Harley Boy. April 5, 2008, Creative Commons Attribution. Toy B oy M onkeyatlarge . Sky. May 30, 2005, Creative Commons Attribution Sky Tie Jerry Daykin . Tie Rack. June 19, 2007. Creative Commons Attribution.


B G K T What letters are below?


B G K T Parislemon . Multiple Kite Kite . February 3, 2007. Creative Commons Attribution Wwarby . Grass Texture. October 8 2010, Creative Commons Attribution Smowblog . Beach Ball Lamps by TOBYhouse . April 23, 2009, Creative Commons Attribution Indi.Ca . The Number Two (2). December 24, 2009, Creative Commons Attribution

Slide 8:

Ollesvenson . Apples. December 13, 2008, Creative Commons Attribution MikeBaird . bird-5244001. October 9, 2005, Creative Commons Attribution Newsbie Pix. Plane Taking Off. January 4, 2008, Creative Commons Attribution Keepon . Banana. February 23, 2005, Creative Commons Attribution


Apple Bird Banana Plane


Rat ComputerHotline . Rat Des Moissons. September 7, 2008, Creative Commons Distribution Uriel 1998. Cat in my Hat. May 22, 2009, Creative Commons Attribution Cat Bat Different Seasons Jewelry. Sterling Silver Bat. October 29, 2010. Creative Commons Attribution

What is a poem?:

What is a poem? Rhyming through verses Where can you find poems?

Slide 12:

He had no clothes to wear, except his own brown hair. What two words in this sentence rhyme?

Slide 13:

He was flying through the air, and he didn’t even care. What two words in this sentence rhyme?

Everyday Words:

Everyday Words Mom Dad You Me

Everyday Words:

Everyday Words House Dog Car Cat

Everyday Words:

Everyday Words Bus School Pencil Backpack

Everyday Words:

Everyday Words Brother Sister Grandma Grandpa

What did we learn today?:

What did we learn today? The “ sh ” sounds How to recognize certain letters Rhyming words Certain everyday words

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