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Google’s search engine ranks pages based on page load time (specifically, time to first byte), and Facebook has announced that it will prioritize links that load quickly.Faster pages resulted in a 16.5% increase in conversion rate and a consistent improvement in revenue. Kreativ Ideas explained all the causes and gave solution on higher bounce rate.


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10 Tips To Improve Bounce Rate and Boost Conversions. -kreativ ideas :

10 Tips To Improve Bounce Rate and Boost Conversions . - kreativ ideas

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Bounce rate is the percentage of the users which leave your website after seeing your first page. Now as per the trends following image shows the range and its reasons for which you get high bounce rate.

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Image: Bounce Rate Bounce Rate becomes an important factor improve your average user time spent on site and eventually higher conversion rate.

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1.Load page Speed: The biggest reason for higher bounce rate is the loading time of the website. 2.Engaging Content : keep the content as per the user requirement, add some engaging videos which help to increase average time spent by the user and eventually good bounce rate. 3. Everything in one page : This a major mistake that every marketer or client do to give everything in one page which eventually confuses the user and bouncing back. Just Focus on the single selling point. Whether it’s your price point, credibility, quality or customer satisfaction

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4.Blank Page or Technical Error: If the user is spending less than seconds on your site, it is likely your page is ending up blank or getting a 404 error. 5.Avoid Pop-ups: offer pop-ups can be a good way to acquire leads but it also acquire higher bounce rate as user gets irritated by it and bounce back. Specifically on mobile it’s really a big no to put a pop-up as it occupies the whole mobile screen. 6.Site should be mobile friendly: As per the report almost 80% searches are done from mobile, so if you have a page which is not mobile friendly then you are going to lose your users and which will increase your bounce rate.

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The above all factors are important in Search engine optimization. SEO is not only about search engines but good SEO practices improve the user experience and usability of a web site. Users trust search engines and having a presence in the top positions for the keywords the user is searching, increases the web site's trust. The Kreativ Ideas is a  digital marketing company in CBD Belapur , Navi Mumbai , providing website design and development,  social media marketing  and  SEO  services across India, determined to help you in the marketing strategy and to make your business grow.

To Read More click the link below: https://kreativideas.com/10-tips-to-improve-bounce-rate-and-boost-conversions/ :

To Read More click the link below: https://kreativideas.com/10-tips-to-improve-bounce-rate-and-boost-conversions/

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