(Kraig Beahn) - $25M lawsuit filed TOP/NTIA funds in Florida


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Tampa, Florida based Rapid Systems, Inc. announced April 19 it filed a $25 Million suit against the Florida Rural Broadband Alliance (FRBA) along with several co-defendants. Rapid Systems is a wireless broadband Internet service provider that entered an agreement with FRBA and others to provide broadband network support for a project developed with Broadband Opportunities Grants awarded in Florida as part of a government economic stimulus program. The grant totaled $23 Million. Rapid Systems allege in the complaint that after providing the agreed services, equipment and in-kind contributions totaling $2 Million, the FRBA and several co-defendants failed to pay Rapid Systems for any of the services or expenses rendered under the agreement. Rapid Systems is seeking to recover not only its own investment but also fees, costs and lost revenue as a result of FRBA's actions. There was no immediate word from the court or federal authorities if the Rapid Systems suit will, in any way, affect the ongoing investigation into the FRBA or NFBA. Also, federal authorities have offered no confirmed time frame for completing their investigation. Whether the federal investigation could impact Rapid Systems and their alleged claims remains unclear. Source Lawsuit: http://cdn.l2net.com/dl/BTOP_NTIA_FRBA_Lawsuit_KraigBeahnCopy_FSReduced.pdf FierceTelecom: http://www.fiercetelecom.com/story/florida-provider-rapid-systems-inc-sues-frba-25-million-alleging-fraud-misc/2013-04-25


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