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Angelika Kraemer Community Language School College of Arts and Letters What is language education and why is it important?

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MSU is known worldwide for its commitment to international education in an era of ever-increasing globalization.

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MSU is a U.S. leader in study abroad programs (over 3,000 students in 2010-11 in over 65 countries)

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More than 5,300 international students from 129 different countries were enrolled at MSU in 2010-11

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A breadth of languages are offered within the College of Arts and Letters MSU is the leader in foreign language study in Michigan

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A breadth of languages are offered within the College of Arts and Letters Approximately 40 languages are taught - from Arabic to Zulu

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A breadth of languages are offered within the College of Arts and Letters There were over 12,500 student enrollments in foreign language courses during 2010-11

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A breadth of languages are offered within the College of Arts and Letters Over 1,600 international students studied English at MSU during 2010-11

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Language study in CAL fits well with MSU’s Boldness by Design initiative Enhancing the student experience Enriching community, economic, and family life Expanding international reach Increasing research opportunities

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Faculty and students are currently engaging in research on Developing innovative curriculum models Effective language instruction strategies Effective technology implementation Student access to technology and technological literacy

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The Center for Language Teaching Advancement is a new unit which Helps coordinate and assist with implementing language learning activities Promotes efficiency and synergy between language units Enhances and streamlines instruction

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CeLTA functions in five areas that work together to effectively provide support Assessment Curriculum Professional Development Outreach Technology

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World Languages Day Free, all-day conference for high school students, teachers, and parents Sessions on language, culture, globalization, and general information about MSU

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Community Language School Founded in 2008 as part of CeLTA Rationale: Recent high-school-graduation mandate requiring two years of foreign language study during K-12; Budget cuts affecting public schools; State-wide language requirement of advanced-low proficiency for K-12 language teachers; Limited foreign language offerings on the elementary level where research finds language instruction most successful

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The Community Language School aims to Offer alternative teaching and learning opportunities Create awareness of importance of early language acquisition and appreciation of other cultures

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The Community Language School aims to Introduce language learning and cultural awareness into the community Become a training venue for pre- and in-service teachers Offer opportunities for community volunteers to use their language skills

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Languages offered include Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi/Urdu, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish

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The Community Language School offers many programs such as Weekly Languages for Kids and Teens classes Short-term enrichment programs at schools Summer camps for kids and high schoolers Culture events on campus Toddler groups Teaching internships abroad Immersion workshops for teachers Programs in Detroit

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MSU language students have found careers in Education Federal government Business Hospitality industry Health and medicine

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