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Get the stylish and beautiful designed wrought iron gates from KP Engineering Works Ltd. Look at the stylish gates that we manufacturer for Garden, Home or Corporate. Visit our website Today!


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Beautiful and Stylish Wrought Iron Gates :

Beautiful and Stylish Wrought Iron Gates

Single Leaf Gates :

Single Leaf Gates Single leaf gates can be see through,or a panel can be added to give extra privacy. This style of gate is ideal for securing your garden, Whether you want to keep people out, or keep children and pets inside.

Double Leaf Gates :

Double Leaf Gates Double leaf gates are made from two panels which open either inwards or outwards and can be locked in the middle. Double leaf tall gates are stylish, secure addition to homes, commercial properties, parks or anywhere that needs a secure entry solution.

Framed Gates :

Framed Gates Framed gates are stronger t ha n traditional metal gates, as they feature an e x ternal frame. They are built with strong, sturdy handle and locked by padlock,combination, or many different types of lock. The shape of them make them ideal, narrow spaces & they can be made to various heights, & installed to existing metal railings,brick walls or posts.

Sliding Gates :

Sliding Gates Sliding gates are ideal for areas where you need extra security but don't have much space. Instead of having gates that open inwards or outwards our sliding gates either run on tracks, or a trackless cantilever system. They can be automated, which is ideal for car p a rks, or can be secured with a deadlock, padlock, or lock of your choice.

Bi-Fold Gates :

Bi-Fold Gates Also known as folding enterance gates or sliding folding gates, bifolding gates provide an economical solution unlike sliding gates that may restrict space. They also have the benefit of being able to open one of the four leafs for pedestrain use. And by opening the gates completely, you'll also benefit from a wider entrance.

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