Flexible multicore cable

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Flexible multicore cable known for its Long life, PVC/XLPE insulation, copper conductor, flexible wires. Buy from Rallison at cheapest price in India.


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Flexible Multi Core Cable:

Flexible Multi Core Cable www.rallison.com


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What is Flexible Multicore Cable? :

What is Flexible Multicore Cable ? The introduction of flexible multicore cable first came into existence in the automation industry in the 1980s. As that time the cables were not able to stand against increasing loads, and cables which were inside the cable carriers were failing regularly . Flexible Multicore Cable comes in high flexibility, PVC/XLPE insulation and PVC Sheath. Flexible Cable can work in high temperature as well as in cold environment too.

Parts of Flexible Multicore Cable :

Parts of Flexible Multicore Cable Conductor : Multi-Stranded Copper Conductor is responsible for its flexibility. Insulator :   PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene ) to protect the conductors and cable. Sheath : PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride ) for external protection such as oil, weather, water and more .

Types & Sizes :

Types & Sizes Types : 1100 V PVC insulated and Sheathed as per IS : 694 / BS Sizes: Two, Three or Four Core up to 24 cores.

Features :

Features Highly Flexible in nature due to maximum use of copper wire strands. These cables are ideal for easy installation for portable or movable equipment. PolyUrethane (PUR) jackets offer protection against water/oil.

Application :

As the name indicates, flexible multicore cable comes with higher flexibility. It is due to the number of strands in the conductors. It makes these cables for wiring of machine tools, control panels, various electrical installations in small machines and any type of electrical industry . Flexible multicore cables   are cables designed to work inside cable carriers against physical stress and tight bending area which is directly associated with application in moving state. Appl ication

Contact Us: :

Contact Us : Rallison Electricals Pvt. Ltd. G I / 118, Mayapuri , Phase – I, New Delhi - 110064 Phone: 91-11-28112644 Mobile: 9311104000 Email:  marketing@rallison.com URL: www.rallison.com

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