Intersection of Big Data and Cloud Computing

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The entire industry is moving around SMAC (Social-Mobile-Analytics-Cloud) and IOT technologies. This is where most of the opportunities lie for the next couple of years for both who want to get into IT field and for those who are nect deep into the IT.


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Intersection of Big Data and Cloud Computing

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Intersection of Big Data and Cloud Computing The entire industry is moving around SMAC Social-Mobile- Analytics-CloudandIOTtechnologies.Thisiswheremostof the opportunities lie for the next couple of years for both whowanttogetintoITfieldandforthosewhoarenectdeep into the IT. These technologies don ’t work alone but they workintandemwitheachother.Inthisblogwewillexplore how the Big Data and Cloud technologies go hand in hand. Having a good grip on the Big Data and the Cloud technologieswillincreasethe candida t e’sprospects.

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Traditionally data used to be stored on high end machines with proprietary software both of which are expensive to procure and maintain. Trend is moving towards the Big Data tools and technologies where we use commodity machines and open source s oftw ar e’s. The open sources softwares are relatively cheaper when compared to the proprietary softwares and can be customized the way we want to as per our requirements. Apache Hadoop Hive Pig Sqoop Oozie are a few of the popular open source Big Data softwares.Thecodeforthemcanbegothere. The different companies like Cloudera Hortonworks MapR Databricks DataStax take the open source software from the Apache Software Foundation and fine tune them make them much more user friendly and offer it as a product with commercial support documentationtrainingsetc.

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Comingtothecommodityhardwarethesemachinesarenotaspowerfulasservergrade machines and not as dumb as desktop grade machines they fall in between. Big Data processinghappensonthousandsofthesecommoditymachines.Themorethedatathe morethemachinesrequired. When the machines are in thousands there is a good probability that some of the machines go down on a regular basis. Instead of using the proprietary and high-end hardwaretoaddressthefailurescenariosthesoftwarewilltacklethem. The hardware failures can be like a hard disk going down a problem with the network card or it can be any one of the infinite number of problems. In this case the software willautomaticallyroutethedataandtheprocessingtoahealthymachine.

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With the amount the different types/complexity of the data increasing day by day increasingly more machines are required for the storage and computation. Now a days the processing is also being shifting to specialized hardware like the GPUs from Nvidia ASIC processors like the Tensor Processing Unit from Google. These specialized hardwaresnotonlyareexpensivebutgetoutdatedfast. ThisiswhereCloudcomesintheplay.IntheCloudthehardwarecanbegotwithoutany upfront commitment and we exactly pay for what we use. It ’s exactly like renting a car. L et’ssay a serverintheAmazon Cloudcosts 1andhour.If we useit for10 hoursthen weneedtopay10toAmazonattheendofthebillingcycle. The different Cloud vendors provide services like Amazon Elastic MapReduce Google CloudDataprocwhich makesit easy tospawnaclusterofmachinesanddocomplicated BigDataprocessingusingSparkHivePigandotherBigDatasoftwares.

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As a user we d o n ’t need to worry about procuring thehardware installing the software and other minute details. We can simply think more about the business and the customers let the Cloud vendor worry about the rest of the details. The different servicesprovidedbytheAmazonandtheGoogleCloudarementionedhere. To summarize Cloud and Big Data technologies have very good prospects but an individual with the combination of these two technologies will make him/her much moredesirableintheITfield. Turn to our expert trainers and career advisors who will make comfortable with Cloud ComputingwithAWSandBigDatatrainingprogram. ForinformationonKovidAcademytrainingprogrammesclickhere.

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