7 ‘Big’ Things to know about ITIL®

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Information Technology Infrastructure Library, abbreviated as ITIL®, is a widely known and globally accepted practice/certification in IT Service Management. In the last few years, a huge buzz is created around ITIL®, and more organizations have started implementing ITIL® framework to improve efficiency, and attain predictable service levels.


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7 ‘Big’ Things to know about ITIL® Information Technology Infrastructure Library abbreviated as ITIL® is a widely known and globally accepted practice/certification in IT Service Management. In the last few years a huge buzz is created around ITIL® and more organizations have started implementing ITIL® framework to improve efficiency and attain predictable service levels. Though everyone agrees that ITIL® is important in to day’ s competitive business environment yet so many professionals and managers working in IT environment does not know what ITIL® is all about.

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This article accordingly will explain a couple of things that will help you to obtain a clear idea on ITIL® and to understand why ITIL® is important today What is ITIL® Information Technology Infrastructure Library ITIL® is a set of best practices used by the organizations to design implement operate and maintain IT services. It provides a structure for managing and delivering services with enhanced customer experiences making it easier for the organizations to achieve high levels of business performance. ITIL® is drawn to support business needs and enables the organizations to reduce their operational costs by improving the ways different teams interact and manage with the IT infrastructure.

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ITIL® Lifecycle ITIL® service lifecycle includes 5 phases with supporting principles in each phase. • Service Strategy • Service Design • Service Transition • Service Operation • Continuous Process Improvement

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Some of the key facts about ITIL® are explained below. 1. History of ITIL® ITIL® was developed in the late 1980s and has been published on internet for years. It was a product of British Government created for improving the quality of government IT services while handling the complete costs of delivering those services. With the changing needs of IT businesses the first version of ITIL® was eventually updated and ITIL®V2 was released in the year 2000. In 2007 ITIL®V3 has been released covering the concepts of predictable lifecycle and the current version ITIL®V4 was released in 2011. In 2013 AXELOS owned ITIL® and holds the complete authority for accrediting and managing the concepts in ITIL®.

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2. ITIL® is not about Project Management Unlike other project management practices ITIL® does not concentrates on creating projects. It concentrates on delivering IT services to the organizations. 3. ITIL® needs Solid Promoter Implementing ITIL® practices in an organization is a culture change initiative which will receive a large amount of discomfort from the employees regarding the work which they had done in the past and which they will have to do now. So a strong promoter is required for any business/organization to push the change effectively.

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4. ITIL® can be implemented in Stages Though ITIL® is a framework designed to standardize the IT services to a business there exists no specific rule describing the implementation of entire ITIL® model at once. 5. ITIL® is for all ITIL® is a set of practices but not standards. This makes ITIL® highly accessible to every organization both small medium large across the world to adopt and implement ITIL® framework for improving their business value.

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6. ITIL® is different from ITSM People sometimes use ITIL® and ITSM IT Service Management interchangeably but both the things are different. ITSM is a common phrase used to describe the field of service management in delivering IT services whereas ITIL® is a specific framework to address the certain needs of the businesses. 7. ITIL® Certification for Better Opportunities With the growing adoption of ITIL® practices there is a great demand for certified ITIL® professionals in the market. To meet the unique needs of the organizations ITIL® has a well-established certification scheme with five different levels.

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• ITIL® Foundation Level • ITIL® Practitioner Level • ITIL® Intermediate Level • ITIL® Expert Level • ITIL® Master Level Wrapping Up Organizations have various reasons for adopting ITIL® and numerous benefits can be achieved by implementing the best practices properly. To do so organizations are now in the pursuit of certified ITIL® professionals who can help them to outperform their market competitors.

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