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There are different levels in Six Sigma Certification, and each of these levels are considered as Belts. The various belts recognized by the industry are:


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Master The Skills Of Six sigma Levels It has become recurrent these days for every business to pass through several arguments stating that the work lacks quality and resulting it in higher project costs. The organizations accordingly started to locate various methods for improvising quality and reducing project costs leading to the ‘Si x Sigma Methodologies ’. Six Sigma is a management philosophy developed to reduce costs organizational wastes and to boost business profits. In the year 1986 MOTOROLA has developed this methodology for establishing world-class standards improvising quality and to save the operational costs of the company.

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This methodology builds a sense of responsibility and accountability within the employees and ensures in better customer satisfaction employee satisfaction and enhanced collaborations. In an organization a certified Six Sigma Professional is attributed as the change agent who ensures that all the processes are defined with quality standards. In the current market different organizations are offering Six Sigma Training and Certification courses with their customized “flavors” of methodology. Being a Certified Six Sigma Professional yo u’ll do a lot to convince the potential employer that you’ re someone who is more serious of the quality. Six Sigma Certification Levels There are different levels in Six Sigma Certification and each of these levels are considered as Belts. The various belts recognized by the industry are:

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Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification SSYB The Six Sigma Yellow Belt is aimed towards the entry- level participants who are in the need of developing the foundational knowledge on Six Sigma Methodologies. This is basic level that deals with the overview of Six Sigma and DMAIC Define Measure Analyze Improve Control model. Six Sigma Green Belt Certification SSGB Six Sigma Green Belt is aimed towards the mid-level participants who operates under the supervision or in the support of the Six Sigma Black Belt professionals who will be responsible for analyzing and solving the quality problems involved with the quality improvement projects. A Six Sigma Green Belt Professional is someone having at least 3 years of work experience and who is now in the need of demonstrating his/her knowledge of Six Sigma Processes and Tools in the workplace.

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Six Sigma Black Belt Certification SSBB Six Sigma Black Belt is aimed towards the high-level participants who can greatly explain the principles philosophies supporting systems and tools related to Six Sigma Methodology. A certified Six Sigma Black Belt Professional should understand team dynamics demonstrate team leadership and dynamically assign roles and responsibilities to the team members. Black Belt Certification adopts the approach of advanced concepts and potential of deploying Six Sigma methodologies and tools within an organization. In an organization a typical Six Sigma Black Belt project may deliver the financial benefits anywhere between 50000 to 350000. In an organization a typical Six Sigma Green Belt project may deliver the financial benefits anywhere between 10000 and 100000.

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Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification SSMBB Six Sigma Master Black Belt is aimed towards most comprehensively and exceptionally trained professionals and skilled practitioners who demonstrate leadership roles advices business unit managers and leverages their skills with the projects led by Green Belts and Black Belts. Master Black Belt professionals deploy their skills in an organization by training and mentoring other employees and assisting them to obtain Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt certifications without the need for organizations to spend separately on training activities. A Six Sigma Master Black Belt is someone having successfully completed 10 Six Sigma projects or having a minimum of 5 years of Black Belt experience. In an organization a Six Sigma Master Black Belt can coach and mentor anywhere between 2 and 10 Black Belts at a time.

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How to get Six Sigma Certified Most of the people wonder of how to get Six Sigma Certified. However it is important to note that obtaining a Six Sigma Certification requires the participant to undergo several proficiency tests and projects and upon successful completion of those tests and projects a certificate will be issued to the participant for his/her career advancement. Learning understanding and gaining expertise on Six Sigma Methodology can be confusing one. This is the reason why Kovid Academy is offering an inclusive opportunity to all the Six Sigma aspirants to get trained and certified by the in dustry’ s most trusted partner.

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Six Sigma Certification Training from Kovid Academy Kovid Academy provides a comprehensive training on all the levels of Six Sigma Certification which helps the participants to quickly grasp the theoretical aspects of Six Sigma Methodologies and the practical usage of the various software tools. Kovid Academy is offering Six Sigma Certification Online training and Six Sigma Classroom training for both local and global participants. To book your training slot click here.

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