Welcome To Hmong Culture

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Welcome To Hmong Culture:

Welcome To Hmong Culture


Spoken Hmong

Hmong Gestures:

Hmong Gestures Hmong Shake hand when they see each other but only the person you know.

Most Important People In Community:

Most Important People I n C ommunity General Vang Pao He our Hmong Leader. He 81 year old. He died in January 6, 2011. He help bring Hmong to the United State.

Most Important Groups In Community:

Most Important Groups I n Community The 18 clans One clan have 1 leader to take care of their clan. For Example: Last name yang have 1 leader to take care of them and last name Xiong have one leader to take care of them….

Hmong Traditions:

Hmong Traditions Hmong Marriage. Last name can’t marriage last name. For Example: Last name yang can’t marry Last name yang. Every year we have Hmong New year. Hmong Funeral Ceremony. Hmong releasing the spirit( Tso Plig ) that mean when someone died we releasing their spirit.


Arts Hmong arts is song, music, m ovie, flute, and sewing.


Religion Hmong belief Shaman. Not only men can be shaman but women too but not all people can be shaman it what ghost(Dab) come to you to be come a shaman.

Hmong Food:

Hmong Food Hmong food is papaya, sausage, and rice.

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