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SEZ is shown in GSTR 3B with the payment of IGST instead of zero-rated columns under the taxable supply column. When returning the payment of IGST the system shows error that you can not claim more than what is mentioned in the zero rated column in 3B what is the solution GSTR-3B is to be reported in all zero rated supplies 3.1B. Q. A.

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The taxpayer has paid all the obligations with late fees and interest but due to system error the form is unable to file GSTR 3B. Will he have to pay late fees due to this If the return has been filed after the submission then in that case late fees are due from the date of submission of date of filing. Such late fees are auto-populated for the next months return because the liabilities of the current month have already been finalized. Q. A.

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Migrated taxpayers are unable to log in to their GSTN account the system error show is happening When they have already logged their accounts by logging in to this account and have filed their returns. Why The taxpayer has changed the primary authorized signatory email due to which the users ID has been deleted. Taxpayers need to create a new user id with updated email ID and token to be sent to the mobile number. Once the new user ID has been created the taxpayer will be able to login. Q. A.

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Who all dont have to submit GSTR 3B Return For 1. Input Service Distributor ISD 2. Composition Supplier 3. TDS deductor 4. TCS Collector 5. OIDAR online information data access and retrieval Q. A.

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Is there a separate registration required under the GSTWhether SEZ unit located in the state The SEZ unit located in the state is considered to be commercially viable from other units located outside the SEZ in the state First rules 8 of CGST rules 2017 with section 25 of the CGST rules Therefore the unit located in the SEZ There is a need for separate registration. Q. A.

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What is the treatment of clearance made in special economic zones The clearance from SEZ is zero-rated supply as per section 16 of the IGST Act 2017. Accordingly suppliers can claim IGST refundsthis type of supply is paid on or the same is not cleared under the bond / undertaking letter and the claim of unused ITC. Q. A.

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Should the revised formulation be printed on the basis of GST transfer price mechanism or MRP basis Assessment of drugs and formulation under GST at the end of the ITC series will be based on the transaction value at each level of supply. Payment must be made to the GST at the level of purchase. Q. A.

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How can I find out my territorial rights After login to the GST portal you can view your jurisdictional details in profile section. The same is also indicated in the GSTIN Certificate. Q. A.

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If there is no allocation of jurisdiction in the profile section then what option should I choose In case your jurisdictional authority is yet to be assignedyou may file refund application either with the central or state tax department. Q. A.

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Did a taxpayer remove any deficiency in the refund application given to CGST Rule 97A If the tax officer manually declines the applicant in the FORM GST RFD-03 then the same applicant will have to fix the deficiency in the Regional Authority. Q. A.

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Want to know more on GST regarding faqs and want to discuss the latest topic just join our GST Forum India community where you get the solution of relevant faq by our experts.

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